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How do I get rid of sugar cravings

answered 08:25 AM EST, Tue December 17, 2013
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I believe I am a food addict and addicted to sugar. I eat too much of everything but it is cakes and candy and cookies and even bread and pasta that I really crave and eat way too much of. If I cut out all sugar and simple carbs from my diet how long will my sugar cravings last for? I have tried to cut out sugar before and made it for as long as 11 days one time but every minute of every day I was dreaming about food.

Jill Edwards Says...

There are lots of us who have become used to eating way too much sugar, and too much of the things that can quickly be converted to sugar in the body. Much of our food is converted into simple sugars and it is able to pass through the stomach wall and have an immediate effect on our energy levels. It is this quick effect which is so nice. The trouble is that if the body feels there is too much it shuts down the levels of sugar in the blood so quite quickly we can feel that we have no sugar at all and then we want more quickly. Our brain panics when there is not enough sugar in the blood.

Learning to beat this one is all about timing. We need a slow release kind of sugar just like some medicines are provided in slow release ;tablets. In order to have slow release sugar we need to eat more proteins and fats and the carbohydrates we use need to be the more complex kinds like whole grains, rather than flour, bread and cakes.

You will be amazed at how much more in control you feel if you increase the protein (meat, eggs, fish, cheese, tofu etc) you eat, and if you eat balanced meals with protein, carbohydrate, fats and vegetables. Eating all those together will be much more satisfactory for you.

The other side of the story is to get your life focused on things you like to do, rather than just on food, so more ;exercise, more interesting activity of all kinds, redecorate the house, get out and about, join the gym, go swing dancing...any kind of busy, structured activity which is not eating based will support you. Best wishes

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