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Detox Redux

answered 07:49 AM EST, Thu June 06, 2013
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If you have only been drinking every day for about a year and you are currently drinking about 20 beer per day are you likely to have dangerous detox if you try to stop all of a sudden? How can you know if you are going to need to go to a detox place or not?

Jim LaPierre Says...

Great question and congrats on your choice to stop drinking. There is no one size fits all answer. The best approach is to meet with yoru primary care physician and discuss honestly what your alcohol intake has been and go from there.

Age, overall physical health and the presence of any other medical conditions are determining factors.

You may not need a detox center - good chance you won't - but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be careful. Just err on the side of caution. Think of it this way - your body is going to be recuperating for a long time - the first week is the worst and it gets better from there.

Good luck!

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