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Am I an alcoholic

answered 08:45 AM EST, Thu June 20, 2013
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Do I have a drinking problem if I drink heavily for two months and then go on the wagon for 2 months and dry out. I have been doing this for about 3 years. My situation is I work 2 months away from home and then I am home for 2 months without work on a cycle. By the end of my 2 months at home I am always drinking a lot and I know if I didn’t have to go to work my situation might get out of control. Or maybe I let it get a little crazy because I know I am going to have to stop. I am not sure. I am 26 and I did not really start drinking until I was 20. What I want to know is can I be an alcoholic if I can not drink for 2 months without too much trouble (it is not even available)?

Donna Hunter Says...

Donna Hunter D. Hunter

Yes you can be an alcoholic even if you do not drink daily. It is not so much the substance and time as the effect it is having on you. You are managing your drinking because you know you need to go to work. But you even mention that you know if you didn't have to go to work your situation might get out of control. Alcohol or any addictive substance or behavior becomes a problem when it interferes with work, family, physical or mental health. We can go a long time without seeing or running into the consequences of our addictions. Denial is addiction's best friend. You were concerned enough to ask about it. That tells me you know deep down you have a problem or the beginning of a problem with it.

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