The Truth about Ibogaine Addiction Treatment
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Should you consider ibogaine addiction treatment? Can a single session really cure opioid withdrawal symptoms and reduce drug cravings? Learn more about the risks and benefits.

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Should you or shouldn’t you quit drinking or drugs? Ambivalence is normal, but you’ll feel better once you make a firm decision, one way or the other. Here are 4 easy exercises to help you.

Boredom can kill a marijuana quit attempt, so don’t get bored! Here are 50 easy and enjoyable activities that substitute for getting high and help keep you distracted from your marijuana cravings.

To prevent early marijuana relapse, identify high risk situations and prepare specific coping strategies in advance.

Once you decide it’s time to quit, improve your odds by picking a quit date, telling loved-ones about your plan, and getting prepared.

Want to stop smoking marijuana? Here are 7 common problems that can lead to relapse (insomnia, boredom, a need for relaxation, etc.), along with solutions for each problem.

Oxycontin Addiction Treatment: Rehab or Suboxone/Methadone? © Jonathon Kos-Read

This article examines the different treatment options for Oxycontin addiction. It looks at who should go to rehab versus who should go to Medication Assisted Treatment like Suboxone or methadone treatment. An explanation is given for what each treatment is and what would be expected of the addict for each option.

What’s the Best Alcohol Addiction Treatment Option for You? © Camil Tulcan

Picking treatment can feel overwhelming, so it’s best to be pragmatic. What you need depends on where you're at in your life. What you can get depends on your resources. Here are the basic options and an explanation of how your insurance company funds treatment.

Break Free From Heroin Addiction with Treatments That Work © Alex Holzknecht

For anyone struggling with heroin addiction, the treatment options can sometimes seem confusing and overwhelming. Learn what treatments are available to stop using heroin and which one may be right for you or your loved one.

How to Choose The Right Addiction Counselor © Joe Houghton

Choosing an addictions counselor can overwhelm - but it doesn't have to. Start by learning about your options, about how to find a skilled practitioner and about what questions to ask when interviewing 'candidates'.

Why You Need Treatment after Detox - Common Challenges of Early Recovery © Thomas Hawk

Detox not followed by treatment usually ends in relapse. Read on for a list of strange but true recovery roadblocks (why does your memory get WORSE in early recovery!) and find out how to avoid them.

What's the DSM-5, Why Does It Matter and What’s Your New Diagnosis? © Colton Witt

With the DSM-5 the American Psychiatric Association has a new diagnostic manual. Substance abuse and dependence are now gone - replaced by mild, moderate and severe substance use disorders. Will the changes affect you? Check out the new diagnostic criteria to find out if you have a substance use disorder.

Ambien Addiction and Withdrawal: Tapering and Treatment Options © R0bbit

Don’t quit Ambien before you know what you’re up against and have a plan for success. Learn about 2 tapering methods and one method of rapid detoxification (with flumazenil) as well as about the brain changes associated with zolpidem addiction and the treatments you need to counteract these changes.

What Happens at an Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous Meeting? © Gemma Stiles

This article describes what to expect when you go to your first AA/NA meeting. Many alcoholics and addicts hear a lot of rumors about what happens at meetings. Some people are afraid to go to their first meeting because they don't know what to expect. This article clears up all the rumors and will let you know exactly what to expect.

The Pros and Cons of Different Addiction Treatment Options © Danielle Zeda

This article outlines the different treatment options for alcoholism and drug addiction. It explains what each treatment is like and gives some of the pros and cons of each type of treatment.

Broke? How to Find Resources for Treatment and a New Life of Recovery © dlemieux

Many alcoholics and addicts struggle with finding treatment because they lack basic resources such as insurance, money, housing, clothing and food. This article gives tips on how to find resources and treatment, no matter what your financial situation may be.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment – How to Get Started © Bergadder

Learn about the most common cocaine treatment options, whether you need residential or outpatient care, where to find local treatment, how to evaluate your treatment options and more.

Dual Diagnosis: The Problem with Diagnosing Mental Illness in Early Recovery © Thomas Hawk

Early recovery from addiction involves countless changes in perception, behavior, and self regulation. Diagnosing people who are less than six months sober is extremely problematic and should be avoided whenever possible. Diagnoses are labels that too often become prophecies.

Make a Relapse Drift Chart and Avoid Drifting Toward a Slip-Up © Vipa

There are certain things you do that keep you sober and certain things that you could do that bring you closer to relapse. To make sure you do more of the former and none of the latter, take 5 minutes and make up a relapse drift chart to put on your fridge and check with once a week.

An Overview of Effective Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment © Zara

Find out: why you need treatment, the three primary stages of methamphetamine treatment, whether you need residential or outpatient treatment, about the Matrix Model and about the kinds of therapies to look for in an addiction treatment program targeted at stimulant users.

Do You Need Addiction Treatment? Consider Whether Your Lifestyle Matches Your Values? If It Doesn’t…Maybe You Do © Boetter

Overcoming ambivalence: How does the ‘ideal you’ compare with the ‘current you’? Not sure? Well, take a few minutes to complete the following exercise and find out how far you’ve strayed from the life you’d love to have. If your lifestyle strays too far from your goals and values, you may want to consider serious action to get back on track.

Addiction Treatment Medications: Should You Take a Drug to Quit a Drug? ©

Though it might seem odd to take new drugs as a way to quit old ones, addiction treatment medications, when combined with behavioral therapies, can help a great deal to keep you on the path of recovery. Learn more about what’s available and why they’re used.

Addiction Treatment: Drug Refusal Skills - Why You Need to Re-Learn How to Say NO! © Choose Help

If you’re trying to quit drugs or alcohol you need to re-learn how to say no. It sounds a bit childish, but it’s true and it’s very necessary, which is why most addiction treatment programs teach drug refusal skills as an essential recovery skill to master. Want to learn how to say no like you mean it…read on.

Facts about the Matrix Model of Intensive Outpatient Cocaine or Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment © Astragony

Learn more about this evidence based 16 week intensive outpatient treatment program, specifically: class frequency and program length, therapies used, degree of family involvement, evidence supporting its effectiveness and typical benefits.

Those Good Old Bad Old Days – How Selective Memories Sabotage Recovery and How Treatment Helps You Squash Them © Tim Caynes

Selective memories of drug or alcohol use - where you remember the fun and forget the pain - are common in recovery, and unless you’re careful…they can END your recovery. Learn what triggers selective memories, how to spot them and how to squash them.

Creating Balance and Life Satisfaction: A 23 Question Diagnostic Tool to Identify What’s Missing from Your Life © Jesse.Millan

You don’t get addiction treatment to create a life without drugs or alcohol - you get it to create a BETTER life without drugs or alcohol. Finding moderation and balance in life helps to protect you from relapse and ultimately, to be happier and more fulfilled. Take this quick self test to find out what areas you need to work on.

Do You Really Need Treatment? Take This Quick Addiction Severity Test and Find Out © Beni Ishaque Luthor

Know you have a problem but not sure how serious it is or if you need treatment? Take this 1 minute addiction severity self test and learn how your level of addiction ranks.

Ready to Quit Marijuana? Learn Coping Skills to Improve Your Odds © Beni Ishaque Luthor

Quitting marijuana: What separates those who succeed from those who fail? Learn about the characteristics of successful quit attempts and learn coping strategies to help you succeed in your attempt to break free. 

7 Characteristics of Effective Addiction Treatment for Older Adults and Seniors © moodboard

It's a given that older adults and seniors do better in treatment programs with peers of a similar age, but what else do you need to look for to find a great addiction treatment program that's going to work well for an older adult or a senior?

Addiction Recovery & Meditation: 8 Ways Meditation Keeps You Sober ©

If you aren’t meditating already, here are 8 very good reasons for you to consider taking it up. Whether you’re still drinking or using and trying to control yourself, just starting off with treatment or long down that winding and difficult recovery journey, stopping yourself from taking that next drink or line or hit is always going to be a challenge. Fortunately, while you may never be able to erase temptation from your life, you can take some steps to build up your resilience against cravings as you also build up your overall levels of health and happiness.

OxyContin Addiction Treatment © shawnblog

You can break free from an OxyContin addiction, people do it every day - but if you’re like the vast majority, you will need addiction treatment to do so and you may want to consider using medications like Suboxone or methadone that greatly increase your odds of longer term success and recovery.

A Four-Step Program to Beating Behavioral Addiction © gavinzac

Can your mind teach your brain how to think? According to Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz and his Four Step Program it absolutely can – through mindful awareness you can learn to overcome cravings and compulsions as you retrain your brain to stop sending such urgent messages of need.

Should You Consider Getting Addiction Treatment Through Clinical Trials? © Hollywood Pimp

Having trouble finding or paying for quality addiction or mental health treatment? Well, if you’re lucky there’s a clinical trial recruiting subjects near you and if you’re eligible you may be up for free treatment from some of the nation’s top addiction specialists. Read on to learn about more of the benefits, and the legitimate risks, of clinical trials participation.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Programs © Sindorella

You can’t make a good choice about treatment until you can make an informed choice about the care you need. Read on to find a listing and explanation of the most common types of residential addiction treatment programs. Just knowing what’s available and starting to think about your needs and wants takes you a great first step forward to finding a treatment program that’s right for you.

Drug Treatment Centers - Glossary © Garry -

Once you make that life changing decision to get drug or alcohol treatment, you face the challenge of finding affordable and quality care that's going to work for you. Here's an explanation of the different residential treatment options available. You need to learn what your options are before you can hope to make the best choice. Knowledge is power and empowers, learn what you need to know to get the care you deserve.

Vicodin Addiction Treatment © Shavar Ross

Whether you started using Vicodin to control pain or simply because you liked the way it made you feel, once you’re addicted to the opiates in the drug - if you’re like most people - you’ll need some form of addiction treatment and possibly medication to break free.

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  • Addiction: Is a condition of compulsive use of a substance, the continued use of a substance despite harms from that use and cravings to use
  • Addiction Treatment: Professional addiction treatment works about as well as treatment for other chronic conditions, like hypertension
  • Medications: In some situations, medications can ease withdrawal symptoms or drug cravings, which can make recovery easier.
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