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How serious is your problem? How does your level of dependence (addiction) compare to other drug and alcohol users?

If you know you've got a problem but aren't yet sure what to do about it (AA/NA, outpatient treatment, drug rehab...) it may be helpful to take this quick addiction severity test that will provide you with a rating score which describes your level of dependence.

This test, called the Severity of Dependence Scale1, is a reliable and valid test for a number of different types of substance addictions, such as opiates, marijuana, cocaine, benzodiazepam, amphetamines and alcohol.

So take a quick minute to answer the following 5 questions honestly and learn how your addiction ranks, and then use this information to make a smart decision about the best way forward:

The Severity of Dependence Scale

Over the previous 3 months:

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