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I AM Down Down Down

answered 09:50 AM EST, Thu August 23, 2012
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I am 16 and I am very depressed. I don't have any close friends to talk to and I have to drag myself out of bed each day and I don't even know if it's worth the bother to try and pretend like everything is still OK and when inside I feel grey grey grey, nothing but blah and no energy and hopelessness. I have been feeling like this for at least a year. I tried talking to my dad about how I am feeling but he just told me to get involved in after school sports and that was the end of the conversation. He doesn't hear or doesn't want to hear what I am saying. I was asking for some help and he recommended after school volleyball. I don't know where to turn. the guidance counselors at my school are a joke and I am not old enough to do anything on my own. How do I make anything change when I am all on my own?

Lita Perna Says...

Lita Perna L. Perna
MA, Family and Community Counseling

I am so glad you wrote. There is help. I don’t know what state you live in, but many states do not require a parent’s consent for a kid to go to counseling. So score one for you.

And you do need to talk to someone…like…yesterday.

There are people who always help kids who feel like you do. They’re experts.

You may feel all alone now, but you won’t be for long.

What’s hopeful about you is that you’re smart enough to have come here. This shows that on some level you DO have some hope that things can get better if you just get help.


Do you feel suicidal? If you do, go to an emergency room right now. This is no joke. They will definitely help you and they will do it fast.

If you’re not thinking of killing yourself you’re probably going to have to go to one of those guidance counselors even if you think they’re a joke. (Remember, you feel hopeless so take that into consideration.)

Go to the one who is the least crappy and say the same things about feeling hopeless that you said here. It’s the fastest way to get help.

‘…I don’t know if it’s worth the bother…..inside I feel grey grey grey, nothing but blah and no energy and hopelessness. I have been feeling like this for at least a year.’

If that one doesn’t help, go to the next and the next and the next.

You can also walk into a community mental health center if there’s one where you live.

Look up community mental health centers on line for the city or state where you live.

Is any of this easy? Nope. Especially feeling like you’re feeling. But you have to do it.

Consider this a huge step towards being a responsible adult.

Why do I have a feeling you’re going to do this; that you’re going take control and get the help you want and need?

Because you’re on your own side, because you’re being your own best friend and because you’ve already reached out here.

Kick yourself in the butt and go get help no matter what it takes.

Not easy. But you don't have to live this way.

Take charge now.

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