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Dealing with wife's depression: Start out with small steps!

answered 05:09 PM EST, Wed June 13, 2012
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My wife is depressed. She is not working right now and she is on antidepressants but they do not really seem to be working for her. Her doctor said we’d give it another couple of weeks to make sure and then he’d prescribe something different for her. It is hard for me to watch her in such pain. I try to convince her to do enjoyable things but she is pretty hard to get out the door. Do you think that taking her on a cruise or to a resort would be a good idea right now? I have this idea that getting into somewhere tropical and fun might help, although I know it’s not really a cure for a medical condition like depression. But I am worried that travelling might be more overwhelming and it might just make her feel even worse than staying at home. Is travel good for depressed people in this type of situation?

Kent Kinzley Says...

Kent Kinzley K. Kinzley
M.A., MFC-29589

Consult her doctor, if she gives you permission, regarding the cruise. Each person, suffering from depression, is in their own place, so no one strategy will work across the board.

But, do start out with small steps, like going away for a weekend. Be quite directive about it, since she has little will power of her own right now. Then see how she responds. Someone who is depressed can't remember the pleasant experiences they've had, even recently, and they can't imagine having a positive experience when presented with a new activity.

Also, take good care of yourself. Get the nutrition, exercise, sleep and relational needs met on a consistent schedule.

While at home, open up and lighten up your living spaces. Play up beat music, at have her stay away from the TV. Better for her to read than watch TV.

Good luck!

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