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Problems Telling Parents You're Depressed

answered 10:16 AM EST, Fri January 27, 2012
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iammidlover iammidlover Anaheim
How do I tell my parents that I'm depressed..? Every time I've tried to tel them before, they just tell me that I'm lying and that all teenagers go through this. I've been told that I'm not worth helping, by my then-therapists, when I was only eight, and so I try my best to hide it. Sometimes, though, something'll set me off and all I feel like doing is going off alone into a corner and crying. I'll admit that I used to cut myself and that I have thought that the would would bebetter off without me. I've been made fun of for the majority of my school life for being either tall, shy, artsy, or smart. That really hasn't helped this whole situation... I've just about giving up on finding help for myself. What should I do?! I just feel so hopeless and helpless...

Stephanie Adams Says...

You are worth helping, and your life is worth feeling better. Have you talked to your school counselor about this? He or she could give you an evaluation and show your parents objectively how your feeling. I am sorry that you are experiencing other people not believing you, but I believe you. I trust you to know what you're feeling, and to know what it's not normal. Trust yourself, and don't give up. In some states, when you are 17 you can seek counseling without your parent's permission. I don't know what age you are now, but the closer you get to that age the easier it will be for you. 

This website address has a list of symptoms you can use to explain how real your experience is to your parents.  Try pulling it up and sitting down with your mom and dad.

Also, if you are feeling desperate at anytime you can call the national suicide hotline, 1-800-Suicide, and they can help you get through the stress right now and help you plan for the future. There is help out there. Don't give up. I believe in you!

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