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Drug-dealing adult son

answered 12:51 PM EST, Wed April 11, 2012
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My son is dealing drugs. He is 24 and he is a drug addict and I know now that he is supporting himself by dealing drugs. I have been wondering where he gets his money and I did not want to think the worst of him but his sisters finally told me the truth about what I already knew was going on. He is addicted to meth and to crack and he deals to feed his habit.

I have tried on so many occasions to get him to stop using the drugs that he has been using since he dropped out of high school in his Junior year. He has ADHD and he could never really fit into the school system, and I think the ADHD has made it hard for him to have much success anywhere else in his life, which is part of why he uses drugs.

I am scared that he is going to die. He is just a sweet kid below all the drugs and if he doesn’t OD someone is going to pull a gun or a knife on him and kill him. I am at the end of my wits and I am seriously considering calling the police on him. I have no influence to help him but on the other hand I am worried about what a felony record might do to him. He has never been to jail before but once he is a felon he is a felon for life.

Is there any way I can get the police involved without having them charge him with a serious crime. I think if he could get scared enough about what might happen to him he might be more able to think about getting some help for his addictions.

Rachel Starck Says...

Heartbreaking situation to find yourself in. I suggest you get support and help for yourself. You can not force him to change. Al-Anon is a fantastic resource for friends and family living with an addict! I can not tell you whether or not to call the police on him, but once you do, you will not have control over where it goes. On the flip side, if you are seriously worried about his safety given his current choices, then you are left with few choices. Sooner or later he will begin experiencing the natural consequences of his addiction whether you intervene or not. In the meantime, seek a counselor for yourself who is familiar with addiction, and get to some al-anon meetings!

Very best wishes,

Rachel Starck, LPC


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