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LSD and Depression

answered 09:09 AM EST, Wed December 26, 2012
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Is LSD a bad idea for a person who has depression? My friend wants to take some because it was the only drug he ever really loved and it has been a long time since he felt any love or joy at all. Will it make things worse or will it just give a few hours of fun? I can get it for my friend but I am not sure if I should or not?

Anna Deeds Says...

Anna Deeds A. Deeds

I definitely would discourage any friend from taking LSD.  Please read this information on LSD from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.  It explains the side effects of hallucinogens and the effect on the brain.  You can find it here.

LSD will not relieve depression and can in fact make it worse.  It is a dangerous drug with many side effects which are unpredictable. One time the drug may make you feel good but another time it can cause depression and suicidal tendencies.  You have no way of knowing what effect it will have on you.  LSD distorts reality causing the person to have hallucinations.  People have been hurt on the drug because of the hallucinations.  You may do something you wouldn't normally do because you believe the hallucinations are real.  It can have lasting effects with "flashbacks" or times when you feel like you are on the drug years after taking it.  Because it is an illegal drug, you have no way of knowing what you are actually getting either.  Just because a drug dealer says it is LSD, doesn't mean it really is LSD.   

If your friend uses LSD, he will be more likely to try other drugs.  One of the first drugs I tried was LSD and I went on to become a heroin addict.  When you use a substance to make yourself feel better, it becomes the only way you know how to make yourself feel better.  You forget there are other ways to cope with your problems. 

I hope you will decide to not get LSD for your friend.  Remember, you will be committing a crime by doing so.  If something would happen to your friend, you could be charged with a serious crime.  Let's say you give your friend LSD and he commits suicide or dies while on the drug.  You could go to jail for a long time because you contributed to his death.  

I know you want to help your friend but giving him LSD is not the way to do it.  Try encouraging him to get treatment for his depression instead.  Depression is a treatable disorder.  With counseling and proper medication, your friend can feel love and joy again.  Treatment for depression may not supply the instant gratification of a drug but it will make your friend a lot happier in the long run without the consequences that come with drug use.  

Thank you for your question and I hope you make a good decision.


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