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Pain Free Detox = You're Doing It Wrong

answered 07:54 AM EST, Thu September 26, 2013
anonymous anonymous
I would like to do an ultrarapid opiate detox but I can’t afford it. Is there a cheaper type of detox where you can get really heavily sedated during withdrawal but not actually knocked unconscious?

Jim LaPierre Says...

Hi, thanks for your question. The short answer is no. Ultra rapid and painless...come at a high price and involve the use of drugs to help you get off of drugs. I totally get the appeal but I have the Ramones playing in my head right now, "I wanna be sedated."

The approach you're looking at isn't any faster than any other form of detox - it's just relatively painless - kinda like doing opiates, huh?

Get off any way you can, as quickly as you can - but do it under medical supervision and get yourself a better life.

Good luck and blessed be

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