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Gambling Addiction = Betting Your Life

answered 10:17 AM EST, Mon May 27, 2013
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I am a gambler. Why can’t I stop? I have lost everything and everyone? There is no hope for me I have tried everything and I can’t resist it.

Jim LaPierre Says...

A lot of folks tell me they're hopeless, a lost cause, or otherwise too chronic, too far gone. Look, here's some tough love - if you didn't have hope and didn't want to believe then you wouldn't have asked the question. My guess is you're fighting a losing battle to resist temptation. Just avoiding temptation doesn't work - you need to be very involved, work very hard, allow yourself no free time (at least in the short term) and get yourself surrounded by people who understand addiction. You need accountability.

Gambler's Anonymous works - a lot of programs work - and there are pragmatic steps you can take as well. If you're hitting up casinos, get yourself signed out - most offer a legally binding option in which you prohibit yourself from entering the establishment for a fixed period of time or permanently.

If you have supportive others, ask for help in managing money. You can't bet what you don't have. Cut up your credit cards.

Wake up every morning and make a choice - say this out loud, "Today I can choose to continue rebuilding my life, or I can choose to feed my addiction."

Work your ass off. Have some dignity. Get right.

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