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Could This Be Depression?

answered 08:59 AM EST, Tue February 05, 2013
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I am feeling a little bit down for no reason and this has been going on for about 2 weeks. The odd thing is I am all of a sudden sleeping like 10 or 11 hours a day and dragging myself out of bed even then. I am normally totally rested after about 7. Does this sound like depression. I am a little depressed but I would not have said it was serious enough to count as depression.

Rev. Christopher Smith Says...

Rev. Christopher Smith C. Smith

Depression takes on many forms and has a range of symptoms that can be associated with it. Many people focus on the idea that depression is sadness but there are different degrees of this (including some diagnoses that do not include depression in them) and other symptoms that can be associated with depression (especially at different ages). When someone describes a drastic increase in sleep, not feeling rested even after sufficient amount of rest and difficulty starting new days, there are certainly signs that indicate that depression should be considered. The best way to determine whether these things combined with some sadness is depression is to get an evaluation from a qualified mental health professional who can explore things with you and help determine what is going on as well as find ways that will help to return you to health and wholeness.

On the other hand, things that seem to be presenting as depression are not always depression. There are other illnesses (such as thyroid problems) that can also have symptoms that are very similar to depression. Similarly, the symptoms you describe would be normal during the acute stages of grief. These are one of the reasons that it is important to work with a qualified mental health professional to help you determine what is actually going on.

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