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Alcohol Self Detox

answered 08:34 PM EST, Tue October 04, 2011
I know that alcohol withdrawals can be dangerous. I plan to stop drinking soon and I plan to do it at home but I want to be sure I can get to a hospital if I need to. How can I know if my withdrawals start getting dangerous? If things start getting bad I can always reverse them just by having a drink or two (or more likely a bottle of vodka) I suppose.

Melissa Borlie Says...

Melissa Borlie M. Borlie

Alcohol withdrawals can result in death, if not monitored by medical staff, and I would not recommend you attempt this on your own. Medical detox can provide medication that will ease symptoms and provide supervision of your withdrawal symptoms. If you choose to detox yourself, symptoms to watch for would be extreme confusion, hallucinations, and uncontrollable shaking. It could be that once these rather severe symptoms begin, you may be unable to call for help yourself. Many members of Alcoholics Anonymous would be willing to stay with you for 24 to 48 hours while you detox at home. You can contact your local AA central office to request help. P.S. You probably would only need a few beers to take the edge off, not an entire bottle of vodka. Good luck on your quest!

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