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Cutting Down vs. Quitting

answered 09:42 PM EST, Wed September 19, 2012
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I have a bad drinking problem and whenever I start drinking I always end up getting totally loaded even when I didn't really mean to. I know I have to cut way down or I am going to end up a bum on the street but I do not think I am ready to stop drinking forever. I was thinking about trying to drink on alternating days and then on days when I am hungover just popping a couple of valium ad taking it easy with drinking. Maybe after I get used to this (half the drinking I am currently doing) I will be able to make further cuts to go down to a couple or even one day per week. Does this sound like a reasonable plan to try. I realize tat it is not really fitting within the 12 step model but it is something that might work for me.

Melissa Borlie Says...

Melissa Borlie M. Borlie

I applaud your realization that you have a problem; many people never do. If you are considering cutting back on the number of days you drink, then please try that first. Substituting Valium for alcohol is the same as substituting beer or wine for hard liquor--they are all depressants and have the same effect on the body. The plan you have laid out really changes nothing that is happening inside your body. Why not try drinking every other day and doing nothing every other day?

If you find you cannot cut your intake in half, cut the amount you drink in each drinking session. You are correct that your plan is not in line with the 12 Step model, but those in Alcoholics Anonymous would advise you to continue your plan until you are ready to stop completely. If you find you cannot cut back without serious withdrawal symptoms, please seek medical assistance. Withdrawal from alcohol is the most serious form of withdrawal for the human body. I wish you luck and hope your plan works for you!!

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