20 Common Things People Realize When They Quit Drinking Alcohol
© Leo Hidalgo

Of all the culturally conditioned behaviors we’ve mindlessly adopted, alcoholism is one of the most curious. Full Story

Alcohol and Sleep
How Alcohol Disrupts Sleep Quality © Jenny Kristine Nilsson

Though alcohol helps you to fall asleep, it disrupts total REM sleep and causes sleep disruptions in the second half of the night. In summary – it does more harm than good.

Alcoholic Liver Disease
Study: Progress against Alcoholic Liver Diseases © Wellcome Images

Reversing alcohol induced liver damage: Researchers gain a better understanding of how the metabolism of alcohol damages the liver, at the cellular level, and say their study findings may help doctors narrow their therapeutic focus.

Alcoholic Brain Damage
Abstinence: Substantial Brain Healing after 2 Weeks © Brandon Christopher Warren

Your brain heals quickly once you stop drinking and after a couple of weeks people start to see big improvements. Researchers say alcohol treatment needs to be at least this long to take advantage of this return of function.

Alcoholics Anonymous
AA: People Who Help Others Stay Sober Longest © Dhammza

AA study - Researchers say that while attending meetings improves your recovery odds, it’s helping others in the program that really makes the difference.

Alcohol Abuse
Slow Your Drinking By Choosing the Right Glass © Cambridge Brewing Co.

People trying to reduce their alcohol consumption may want to pay attention to their glassware. Researchers at the University of Bristol say that people drinking alcohol out of curved glasses drink about twice as fast as people drinking alcohol out of straight-sided glassware.

Bariatric Surgery and Alcohol Abuse
Gastric Bypass Surgery Ups Alcohol Abuse Risk © NYC.Andre

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center say having gastric bypass surgery raises a person’s risk of developing an alcohol abuse problem by 50%.

Binge Drinking Medications
Binge Drinkers on Kudzu Root Drink Less © Flavijus

Harvard University Medical School researchers say that an extract taken from the kudzu root may help alcohol abusers drink less.

Brief Interventions
To Cut Down, Record Your Daily Drinks © Aepoc

It won’t work once you’re dependent, but a new study says that for heavy and binge drinkers who haven’t yet crossed that line, recording the amount consumed each day is an effective way to cut down.

Neuroscience of Alcohol Abuse
Heavy Drinkers Less Worried about Risk © Dave.Scriven

Researchers at Yale University School of Medicine say that compared to moderate drinkers, heavier drinkers show less activation in areas of the brain which modulate risk management.

Alcohol and Brain Damage
Alcohol and the Brain – Why Sobriety Is So Hard © Biology Corner

Want to understand why you have such a hard time staying sober? Researchers at Harvard Medical School say they have the answer based on the results of a recent brain imaging experiment – The very areas of the brain you need most to maintain abstinence are the areas most damaged by excessive alcohol use!


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Helpful News
Sober Time Reverses Alcoholic Brain Damage
Even Brain Damaged Alcoholics Can Expect Neural Recovery with Prolonged Sobriety © MShades
A study which proves that it is never too late to quit drinking shows that even severely brain damaged alcoholics (who suffer balance and walking problems from their neural deficits) will recover much balance and motor function in time. Read Article
Alcohol Abuse September 16, 2011 (13)
Drinking Alcohol Before Surgery Can Be Deadly
Drinking Alcohol Even Days Before Surgery, Can Be Deadly © Andy G
Doctors now caution anyone due for scheduled surgery to limit, or eliminate, alcohol consumption prior to a procedure. Read Article
Alcohol Abuse February 04, 2008 (12)
AA: People Who Help Others Stay Sober Longest
AA Study: Alcoholics Who Help Others Most Likely to Stay Sober © Dhammza
AA study - Researchers say that while attending meetings improves your recovery odds, it’s helping others in the program that really makes the difference. Read Article
Alcohol Abuse September 10, 2012 (1)
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