Researchers Identify 6 Factors Which Predict Who Will Become a Bully
© Tayrawr Fortune

Want to prevent your child from becoming a bully? Well, there are some things you can’t change (like prior experience getting bullied) but you can reduce the risk by reducing exposure to violent ... Full Story

Photographer Won’t Do Grad Shoot for Teen Bullies © Corrie...

A Pennsylvania photographer won’t take graduation portraits for 4 high school bullies who she found making very mean spirited comments about other students on a ‘slambook’ style facebook page.

Childhood Liver Disease Caused by Obesity on the Rise © Jake Folsom

A culture of binge drinking and increasing rates of childhood obesity in England are putting a half million children between the ages of 4 and 14 at risk for liver disease.

Teen Substance Abuse
75% of American Teens Using Drugs or Alcohol © Erin MC hammer

Researchers at Columbia University say that 75% of American high schools students have used drugs or alcohol and that 1 in 5 meets the medical criteria for addiction.

Mom Jailed for Stopping Daughter from Buying Drugs © Meridith_Farmer

A mom in Dover England is facing a 12 month jail sentence for tackling and then taping up her daughter to stop her from meeting with a drug dealer.

Heavy Gaming Linked to Depression & Anxiety © Fabrizio Sciami

Kids with mental health problems like social phobia or impulsivity are more likely to become addicted to video gaming. Those that become video game ‘addicts’ tend to experience a worsening in social functioning and emotional health while those already addicted to gaming that reduce their play time tend to improve in those same areas.

Teen Depression
Bullying Increases Risk of Substance Abuse for Girls © studiostoer

According to recent research, girls who are victims of bullying at school or online, have an increased chance of becoming substance abusers due to depression.

Teen Drinking
Unhappy Children Most Likely to Drink © *Zara

Preteens and teens that aren’t happy at home or school are far more likely to drink alcohol and those that drink alcohol are far more likely to have sex at an early age.

Teenage Mental Illness
Poor Sleep May Predict Coming Mental Illness © Remara Photography

Most teens stay up too late and then make up for lost whole-week sleeping time by snoozing late into the day on weekends. Teens with coming mental illness display erratic sleeping habits, but no set pattern of behaviors.

Teen Drug Use
K9 Drug Dogs for Hire to Parents © Cwwycoff1

Worried your kids are using drugs? Well if you’re willing to hire the K9 dogs from Baltimore’s DogsFindingDrugs, you’ll know for sure if even the smallest traces of marijuana, cocaine, prescription narcotics, opiates or amphetamines reside within your home.

Helpful News
Parents on Drugs: “My Kids Don’t, Yours Probably Do”
Parents Dramatically Underestimate the Likelihood of Their Teen Children Using Drugs or Alcohol © Pete Briones
Only 5% of parents believe their teen son or daughter has used marijuana in the last year…in actual fact 28% of teens have. Read Article
Parenting September 14, 2011 (1)
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