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Choice is critical in recovery

answered 09:56 PM EST, Mon June 11, 2012
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My sister is addicted to pain drugs. This morning her boyfriend found her on the floor not breathing with blue lips (actually she was still breathing but just barely and it looked like she wasn’t). He called 911 and they were able to resuscitate her. This is the 3rd time she has accidentally overdosed. If someone was going to keep trying to jump off a bridge we’d out them in a hospital until they weren’t a danger to themselves, even if they didn’t want to be there. My sister doesn’t want treatment right now but she is going to die soon without it – so what’s the difference? How is one form of suicide different from another? The hospital says they can’t take her on unless she agrees to the treatment. Is there anything I can do to get her forced into this?

Scott Graham Says...

People can be having a heart attack and refuse treatment.  The same is true for addiction.  We have zero control over other people's choices.

Something that may help is doing a professional intervention.  A licensed alcohol and drug abuse counselor in your area may be able to assist you in setting one up, including coordinating admission to a treatment facility if the intervention is successful.

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