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Rehab at the Ritz or at Rock Bottom

answered 02:58 PM EST, Wed March 06, 2013
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Does a place like The Salvation Army ARC give the same kind of treatments as a fancy rehab. What I am getting at is is a person just paying for a fancy room and stuff or is there also something different that happens at more expensive places that is helpful that the ARC does not have?

Jim LaPierre Says...

Hey there - great question. I will answer briefly by saying that more expensive rehabs may offer higher quality services and staff but there is no safe assumption here - we have to compare each rehab center on it's own merits.

Longer answer - by the time a person needs rehab they have hit bottom and putting together sobriety and dealing with withdrawal and medical issues is the priority. You don't need a pool or jacuzzi to make that happen. My professional opinion is that it's what happens after rehab that makes all the difference. My bias is that self help - AA, NA, and others are the REAL experts and I encourage folks to attend while they are in rehab and to do 90 meetings in 90 days after rehab.

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