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Higher Power in Recovery

answered 06:13 AM EST, Wed October 05, 2011
Which are better, rehabs that use the 12 steps or rehabs that depend more on scientific treatments? I am kind of hung up on the whole God part of most recovery programs, but unfortunately most of what seems to be available to me would have me praying to some kind of higher power that I just don’t believe in!

Jennifer Hamilton Says...

Jennifer Hamilton J. Hamilton

There was a research study in which college students were deprived of water from Friday until Sunday.  On Sunday they were given a bottle of water but instructed not to drink it.  Even though if they did, the whole group would lose (or so they were told) the money they were to receive from the research project, the only ones who resisted drinking the water were the ones who were not isolated and in a group together.  None of the ones who were in a group drank the water.  All but one person who was isolated did.  If you do not believe in God or another Higher Being, believe in the power of the group.  The Group can be your higher power.  In AA they have a saying, take what you need and leave the rest.  I think there is a lot of what you need in a 12 Step program.  I say don't look for a 12 step or a scientific program, look for a 12 step and a scientific program.  I think we need to attack this addiction issue from every angle possible.  It will kill you just as clearly as cancer will.  Would you only give half an effort if they told you you had cancer?  Go all out.  Work as hard to get off drugs (alcohol is a drug, yo) as you did to stay high. 

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