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"Finding" Jesus Isn't The Problem . . . .

answered 02:36 AM EST, Sat June 29, 2013
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What does it mean to find Jesus? Is it like a sudden revelation or a sudden understanding? What does it feel like? Is it a process or an all of a sudden thing? Do you have to find some sign that convinces you? Is there anything a person is supposed to do to make this happen? I am looking but I haven’t yet found faith.

Ken Sneed Says...

Ken Sneed K. Sneed

Beginning a relationship with God isn't an experience that is "once & done." 

The phrase, "finding Jesus," is an expression used by many to explain the beginning of a life-long relationship.  It's a relationship that is intended to grow over time,

Finding Jesus actually means that you surrender yourself . . . all of who you are . . . to Him as your lord and master.  The Apostle, Paul, often described himself as a slave to God because of his relationship to Jesus, God's son. And because of his slavery to Jesus, he found the freedom he'd never known before.

There is actually an excellent book that tells about this process, It's the Bible. (No joke. No sarcasm.) Get a good contemporary translation that is very easy to read, for example the New International Version (NIV). Begin doing some reading in the book within the Bible called John.  It was written by the Apostle named John.  I'd encourage you to begin reading that book.

Additionally, you might find a minister in a church that is part of one of the major denominations.  Call the church office and make an appointment to sit with the pastor and ask questions about why they believe as they do.  Or visit a church service, and if you appreciate the pastor's message and you feel comfortable, after the worship service let him know that you want to talk with him about having a relationship with Jesus.  He'll make time to anwer your questions for you!

Please know that the real problem most people have isn't finding Jesus. He's available any time, all the time.The biggest problem is that frequently people want instant, magic solutions that fix everything for the rest of their lives. A relationship is a growing process that goes on for a lifetime of learning from mistakes and a desire for personal meaning according to God's plan for your purpose.

Do some dialoguing with a minister you trust and begin the process of a relationship with Jesus.

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