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Louisiana's substance abuse challenges are more significant than the national average. New Orleans, Shreveport, Cajun country… the famed good times and southern hospitality sometimes turn a little sinister. Cocaine, meth, opioids, and alcoholism all contribute to a significant and state-wide problem, and few families in Louisiana remain untouched by the pains of addiction.

Louisiana supports only limited insurance parity legislation, which means that in most cases insurance companies are not required to fund addiction treatment equally to physical health treatment. Unfortunately, in some cases, even people with very comprehensive private health insurance, such as PPO plans, will find that their allotted coverage does not meet the costs of private drug and alcohol treatment.

Fortunately, Louisiana boasts several free or very affordable drug and alcohol rehabs; drug rehabs that will provide services to all in need regardless of an ability to pay for care. Additionally, the state will often subsidize drug and alcohol treatment for those without insurance, and in many cases, even if you are not eligible for Medicaid, you may still be eligible for Louisiana funded drug rehab.

In Louisiana, the districts and authorities provide treatment for people suffering from addictions to drugs, alcohol or gambling, as well as support for their families and friends. Louisiana addiction treatment services (and treatment for related disorders) are provided statewide by each regional human service district/authority, or through the Healthy Louisiana plans for the Medicaid population.

Priority admission is given to the following populations: pregnant women who inject drugs, other pregnant women who abuse substances, and others who inject drugs. However, according to federal regulations, all people identified as indigent or Medicaid-eligible are considered priority populations. For these groups, the Louisiana Office of Behavioral Health (OBH) aims to provide addiction services with no or a minimal waiting period. If care is not available to this priority population within 48 hours, the Office will provide interim treatment services as appropriate. Contact the OBH at (225) 342-2540.

For immediate medical emergencies call 911, or 211 for non-emergencies. For government assistance with alcohol and drugs call 1-877-664-2248 and to speak with a crisis counselor, call 1-866-310-7977.

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