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Obesity and Depression
Fatty Diet Linked to Depression © Bunchofpants

Researchers say a diet too high in saturated fat may lead to brain changes and increased depression and anxiety.

Specific Phobia
Exposure Therapy Bests Spider Phobias © Zanthia

Researchers at Northwestern University say that a single 2-3 hour exposure therapy session helped 12 study subjects overcome debilitating spider phobias for good.

Researchers Say Nature Eases Depression © dIBYTES

For depression relief, researchers say walking in nature does more good than walking in the city.

Adolescent Depression
MDMA and Amphetamines up Teen Depression Odds © Laura4Smith

Canadian researchers say teens who use amphetamines or ecstasy once or more experience a dramatically elevated risk of depression (60% to 70% increase).

Yoga May Prevent Teen Mental Illness © Luluemon Athletica

Researchers suggest that high school yoga classes improve psychological well-being and may prevent mental illness onset.

Criminal Justice
50% of Women on Parole Have Mental Illness © Giandomenico Ricci

In a report which underscores the very real need for mental health services in the criminal justice system, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) says that about 50% of women on parole or on probation have experienced mental illness within the last year.

Overworking Ups Depression Risk © Mujicolor

Researchers in the UK found that people who worked more than 11 hours per day were about two and a half times more likely than those who worked a normal 8 hour day to develop clinical depression.

Social Anxiety
Teens: Blogging to Beat Social Anxiety © Brian lane Winfiled Moore

Teens battling social anxiety and having difficulty interacting with classmates may find some angst relief by blogging their way through the experience.

1 in 10 Now Using Antidepressants © Colodio

The CDC says that more than 10% of Americans over the age of 12 are now using antidepressant medications. This is a 400% increase from 1994.

Researchers Say Diet Can Prevent Depression © Stitch

Researchers say that teens with poor eating habits are more likely to experience depression. They say that good eating habits in adolescence might protect against depression for a lifespan.

Traumatic Weather Events
Climate Change Will Increase Mental Illness © Jmos

As climate change brings more extreme weather events like droughts, tropical storms and floods, prevalence rates for disorders like anxiety, depression and substance use are expected to rise.

How Gender Influences Mental Illness © Zubrow

Researchers at The University of Minnesota say that men and women are affected differently by mental illness, with women more likely to succumb to anxiety or depression and men more likely to develop substance abuse or antisocial disorders

Anxiety Drinkers at Great Risk of Addiction © The Gtm

People with anxiety disorders who self medicate with alcohol are between 250% and 500% more likely to become substance abusers than people with anxiety disorders who follow the directives of their prescriptions.

Antidepressant Prescriptions on the Rise © Greg McMullin

Researchers at John Hopkins University say that primary care physicians are more likely than ever to prescribe antidepressants and in a significant percentage of cases, to prescribe these medications without making a diagnosis of mental illness.

Helpful News
Teen Stress Ups Adult Mental Illness Risk
Teen Stress Linked to Adult Mental Illnesses like Major Depression and Schizophrenia © Zalouk Webdesign
For people already predisposed to mental illness (people with mental illness in the immediate family, for example) experiencing stress during adolescence likely increases the risk of experiencing mental illness as an adult. Read Article
Emotional Health January 17, 2013 (1)
Study: Depression Risk Is Contagious
Social Contagion: Living with a Person at Risk of Depression May Increase Your Risk As Well © Taylor Dawn Fortune
At certain periods in life, living with a person who uses maladaptive thinking styles increases your risk of depression. Fortunately, the opposite is also true. Read Article
Emotional Health July 29, 2018
Acts of Kindness Reduce Anxiety
Acts of Kindness Reduce Social Anxiety and Increase Happiness © Viewminder
Researchers say that not only do random acts of kindness make us feel happier; they can also reduce the severity of social anxiety disorder symptoms. Read Article
Emotional Health January 06, 2014
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