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Teaching Happiness to Those with Depression © Zenonline

Can teaching happiness help to reduce symptoms of depression? Researchers at Duke University Medical School and The University of California, Riverside say probably, and as an added bonus, learning to incorporate activities like counting your blessings or writing thank you notes into a daily routine gets happiness results fast, and doesn’t cost much at all.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder
33% of People Seeking Rhinoplasty Have a Mental Disorder © Pixiestails

A third of people asking for a nose job have a mental illness called body dysmorphic disorder (BDD).

Mental Ilness
For Young People, Mental Health Disorders the Leading Cause of Disability © Ashley Rose

Diseases like depression, schizophrenia and other mental health disorders account for 45% of the disability experienced by those aged 10 to 24 world-wide. The distant second and third ranking causes of young person disability are injuries (12%) and infectious diseases (10%).

VA Health System
Half of Vets in VA Need Mental Health CAre © isafmedia

More than 330 000 Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans have now received mental health treatment in the VA health system. For a typical returning soldier it takes an average of 4 years to access mental health benefits.

Over the Counter Pain Killers Reduce Effectiveness of SSRIs © nirbhao

Although in 2010 Americans filled 254 million prescriptions for SSRI anti depressants (like Zoloft, Prozac and others) a significant percentage of people taking these medications experienced little benefit. Researchers out of Rockefeller University think they know why – saying that common over the counter pain medications, like aspirin or ibuprofen, may nullify the effects of SSRIs.

Let’s talk Day
Olympic Speed Skating Champion's Battle with Depression © Tabercil

Canadian Clara Hughes opened up this week to talk about the depression that lurked behind her record breaking Olympic career.

Most Complete Paralysis Patients Stay Happy © James C Farner

People with locked in syndrome paralysis are mentally aware but unable to move anything in their bodies, with the exception of their eyes. Although it’s difficult to imagine living a satisfying life under such difficult conditions, a new study shows that an overwhelming number of patients with the disorder say they’re happy. People who have had the condition for a longer period of time were more likely to report happiness, which raises points for discussion in any debate about the validity of euthanasia.

Researchers Identify Hormone Linked to PTSD Risk © LunnaDiRimmel

In the study of women who had been exposed to severe trauma, those with high levels of PACAP experienced 5 times the PTSD symptoms of those with below normal levels of the hormone. This is the first biological marker ever discovered that could identify which people are at increased risk of the anxiety disorder.

Meditation as Good as Medication for Depression © Kevin Labianco

Mindfulness, a technique out of Buddhist meditation that helps people stay focused on the present moment, works as well as anti depressant medications in helping people with depression avoid relapse.

Tai Chi
Tai Chi Reduces Depression and Anxiety © MikeBaird

Researchers at Tufts University say that practitioners of Tai Chi benefit from improved mood and decreased stress and anxiety.

Vitamin D Levels Linked to Depression © Ed Yourdon

Failing to get enough of the sunshine vitamin might increase your risks for depression, as well as a host of other chronic conditions.

Phone Therapy Works About as Well for Depression © Splorp

Researchers at Brigham Young University say that receiving counseling over the phone seems almost as effective as in-person therapy for the treatment of depression.

Stress Causes Overeating © Mrs magic

People tend to gain a little weight during times of stress – there’s just something about anxiety that seems to have us reaching for fatty and sugary ‘comfort’ foods. Now, scientists in Israel say think they now why; they’ve isolated a gene that causes the release of a protein called Ucn3, and high levels of this protein in the body affects us by changing the foods we crave, and eat.

Helpful News
Teen Stress Ups Adult Mental Illness Risk
Teen Stress Linked to Adult Mental Illnesses like Major Depression and Schizophrenia © Zalouk Webdesign
For people already predisposed to mental illness (people with mental illness in the immediate family, for example) experiencing stress during adolescence likely increases the risk of experiencing mental illness as an adult. Read Article
Emotional Health January 17, 2013 (1)
Study: Depression Risk Is Contagious
Social Contagion: Living with a Person at Risk of Depression May Increase Your Risk As Well © Taylor Dawn Fortune
At certain periods in life, living with a person who uses maladaptive thinking styles increases your risk of depression. Fortunately, the opposite is also true. Read Article
Emotional Health July 29, 2018
Acts of Kindness Reduce Anxiety
Acts of Kindness Reduce Social Anxiety and Increase Happiness © Viewminder
Researchers say that not only do random acts of kindness make us feel happier; they can also reduce the severity of social anxiety disorder symptoms. Read Article
Emotional Health January 06, 2014
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