Experimental App: Using Passive Phone Data to Monitor Your Mental Health
Your phone’s accelerometer, microphone, location sensor and light sensors provide an app all the ... Full Story
RX Drug Abuse

On average, states with medical marijuana programs saw a substantial drop (24.8%) in opioid overdose fatalities.

Emotional Health
Acts of Kindness Reduce Anxiety © Viewminder

Researchers say that not only do random acts of kindness make us feel happier; they can also reduce the severity of social anxiety disorder symptoms.

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Getting High on Suboxone?
Getting High on Suboxone? The FDA Says It's Happening - Ex NIDA Director Blames Doctors © Supertheman
Users taking Suboxone to stave off the withdrawal pains of an opiate addiction aren't supposed to be able to abuse the medication. That was the idea anyway when the FDA approved the drug in 2002 for take-home use. Today's thriving street market for the drug has the FDA change its tune. Read Article
Addiction Treatment February 24, 2008 (105)
Sober Time Reverses Alcoholic Brain Damage
Even Brain Damaged Alcoholics Can Expect Neural Recovery with Prolonged Sobriety © MShades
A study which proves that it is never too late to quit drinking shows that even severely brain damaged alcoholics (who suffer balance and walking problems from their neural deficits) will recover much balance and motor function in time. Read Article
Alcohol Abuse September 16, 2011 (9)
Study: Young Adults Benefit in AA with Older Adults
Young Adults Find Effective Recovery Support in 12 Steps Meetings with Older Adults © Mr. Theklan
Because so many young adults use drugs or alcohol young people sometimes have trouble forging sober social support networks after treatment. AA and NA can provide this sober support, but many groups are comprised of middle aged adults. A new research study suggests that this age gap does not matter and that 12 steps meetings do offer younger adults effective social support. Read Article
Addiction Treatment November 14, 2012 (1)
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