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Medical Marijuana

Scientists Develop Non Intoxicating Medical Marijuana

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posted 02:36 AM EST, Mon June 04, 2012
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Israeli scientists have developed a new strain of non intoxicating marijuana for use by medical marijuana patients.

By eliminating the effects of THC, Israeli scientists have developed a novel form of marijuana that won’t get you high, but which still works as a medicine.

Although lacking in THC, the new strain actually contains more than the normal amount of the cannabidiol that has been shown to help ease symptoms of diabetes and various psychiatric conditions.

Without the THC, medical marijuana users won’t experience intoxication or increased hunger, commonly known as the munchies.

Describing the new marijuana, head development researcher Tzahi Klein said, "It has the same scent, shape and taste as the original plant -- it's all the same -- but the numbing sensation that users are accustomed to has disappeared.”

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Story Highlights
  • High-Less Medical Marijuana: Israeli scientists have developed a new strain of marijuana that won't produce intoxication
  • More Cannabidiol: In addition to reducing the effects of THC, they upped the effects of cannabidiols, which are proven useful in the treatment of diabetes and other conditions.
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