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Bring Her Home Now??

answered 05:19 PM EST, Thu March 23, 2017
should I bring my daughter from abroad now that she admit to doing drugs? she says that it was only marijuana but that recently an older male friend of her give her LSD. She didn`t like the way she felt but when she tried to tell her friend that she rather not have any contact with him he made her feel bad about it and told her she was overreacting, she accepted keep seeing him, I'm afraid of the influence of the guy in her because she is alone there.

James Cloughley Says...

Thank you for the question. WIthout knowing anymore than what you have mentioned I cna't give youa definitive answer. However, you know her better than most so you need to ask yourself:

1. Is she reaching out for help?

2. Is she asking you to bring her home?

3. Is she looking to help herself when she gets home and if so what will that help be?

4. Does she recognize that she has a problem with drugs?

5. Anytime someone reaches out it means that they are reaching a crisis point of some kind--

6. As a parent I would be concerned about the influence this 'friend' has over her.

7. What do your instincts tell you?

8. If she is just beginning to experiment with this drug or 'just marijuana' marijuana is also a drug -there are no good ones and not so good ones. If it were my child I would bring her home ASAP. However, this is not my child she is your child and you have to make the decision--I cannot make that call for you.

9. I'll leave you with this thought. It it better for you and your daughter for you to act on the side of caution-if so then do what you know you need to do for her.

I hope this is helpful to you and please continue to reach out to us for help--you need to know that you are not alone in this-there is help and support out there for you too.

All the best, James

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