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Meth Addiction and Psychotic Episodes

answered 06:02 PM EST, Tue July 09, 2013
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How long will psychotic episodes last after a person stop using meth if that person has been using for 6 years. She is 11 days clean and she is still very delusional. Her sister says this happened before and she was OK eventually. Is this within the realm of normal or does she need psychiatric help? She doesn’t want to go and they don’t really have the money to pay for anything so this is why we have been watching her hallucinate for almost 2 weeks now.

Zelik Mintz Says...

Every person dealing with addiction will have a response particular to them in dealing with using and stopping. Six years of meth addition is a long time and I wonder if that long use has had neurological affects that will not necessarily resolve in the same way as in the past.  I understand the limited resources but I would urge the woman dealing with these episodes to get psychiatric help to assess what effect long term meth addiction may have on her physiologically and psychological state of mind.  Eleven days of psychosis is to long of a time to wait out to see if it resolves.  I strongly suggest exploring, possibly through a substance abuse program, a very low fee clinic where she can be evaluated by a psychiatrist that specializes in addiction.

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