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Addiction is Psychological and Physiological

answered 05:31 PM EST, Mon June 17, 2013
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Is it a good idea to do a juice cleanse or detox fast as a part of early recovery from coke and meth. I feel like I have put so much chemicals in my body for the past 2 years I just want to clean my body out as fast as I can. Will I stop being addicted one all the drugs are physically out of my body and fat cells?

Zelik Mintz Says...

Recovery from cocaine and meth addiction is very difficult both physiologically and psychologically.  Detoxing the body from the drugs  is the first step in recovery.  Once the body ceases to crave the drugs after a number of days, the long recovery process from the psychological addiction begins. Physical detox needs to happen first before dealing with the painful process of addressing the underlying causes of the self-medicating that led to the drug use.  Whether doing a juice cleanse or other regiments, the body will go through it's painful withdrawal from the drugs. How long the use is and the amounts of the drugs taken will impact the severity of the detox process.

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