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Am I a hopeless junkie?

answered 08:57 AM EST, Wed December 14, 2011
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I have been injecting heroin for the last 8 months or so after a year or so on pills before that. My friends tell me that I’ve been going long and hard enough now that I am at this point basically a lifer and that I’ll be doing Heroin or vacating on methadone until the end. Sometimes that doesn’t sound so bad and sometimes it makes me feel really sad, like I am almost mourning my own death while I am still here.

Do injecting heroin users ever really get clean for the long term without resorting to using methadone?

William Anderson Says...

Absolutely yes, you can get absolutely clean. Many people have done it. Your "friends" are not helping with this negative BS. They may have given up and want someone to agree with them so they can feel OK about it. Don't give in to this "hopeless junkie" nonsense. 

Get away from these people and find some real recovery people. Go to a detox and start talking to people that help addicts. Find an NA meeting. Go to a church that serves those most in need.

Your dark days today can be temporary and become part of your story about recovery and success. But you need to get going on that road now. You are at a crossroad. It sounds like your friends are heading the way to a "lifer's" end. Say a prayer for them and take a different road. Maybe they will follow you.

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