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Stopping Xanax and drinking on your own

answered 08:05 PM EST, Fri November 11, 2011
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jcenedel jcenedel Virginia Beach
I know I have a Xanax addiction and alcohol problems. I would seek professional help, but I live on an island in Asia and no one here speaks English. Another problem is that in this culture therapy is hard to get because it is looked down upon. I take at least 4 mg of Xanax a day and drink too much- What do you think is the safest way to stop both. Are saunas dangerous? I know I can't go cold turkey, but tapering off and using a sauna be ok? What about a cleanse? Thanks a lot-I am 8,000 miles from home and need help. No one here understands how hard it is.

Kelly Miller Says...

Kelly Miller K. Miller

There is no real easy or safe way to stop Xanax on your own. The risk of seizure when detoxing off of xanax is high. When drinking alcohol there is also a high risk during detox. This is not something that should be taken lightly. What you are trying to do is very difficult. If there is a way to go somewhere that helps in detoxing this is the safest way to do this.

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