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Drinking as a Teen Affects Decision Making Ability as an Adult © Photo Credit: be_khe

Early exposure to alcohol is one of the greatest predictors of later in life substance abuse. Researchers at the University of Washington think they know why - after investigating the issue using alcohol loving rats in an animal model decision making experiment.

Parents Who Get Drunk Teach Their Kids to Do Likewise, Say Researchers © Photo by A4gpa

Columbia University researchers have released their annual back to school alcohol and drug use survey of parents and teens. They say that teens that see a parent get drunk are far more likely to also get drunk - just one of many noteworthy facts from this snapshot of real world teen attitudes and substance use.

Louisiana Woman Could Get 10 years for Passing Opiate Addiction to Unborn Child © Photo by Danielle deLeon

A 30 year old woman out of Houma Louisiana has pled guilty to child cruelty for using opiates while pregnant and passing her addiction to her unborn child. Her infant daughter suffered opiate withdrawal symptoms as a newborn and continues to require medical treatment some 7 months later.

Cable TV Shows Watched by Teens Show Far More Alcohol Ads © Photo Credit: Aaron Escobar

Although the alcohol industry pledges to avoid showing alcohol ads during children’s programming, the shows that teens like on cable TV show far more alcohol ads than the shows teens don’t watch.

Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Can’t Understand Emotions of Others © Photo Credit: Nyki M

Researchers in Toronto say that a lot of children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders receive an initial wrong-diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but that although the negative behaviors exhibited by children with both conditions are similar, the cognitive processes causing these behaviors differ greatly.

Houston Researcher Says New Moms Get "Addicted" to Infant Smiles © Photo: Dawnzy58

A baby's smile gives mom a cocaine like high. Dr. Lane Strathearn thinks that a form of "smile addiction" may be critical for the formation of a healthy mom-child bond.

Teen Rats That Like to Party Often Become Alcoholic Adult Rats © Photo: Asplosh

Duke University researchers say that by examining how much alcohol teen rats drink after only 3 days of exposure, they can predict fairly well which rats will drink heavily later in life.

Marijuana and Alcohol Together Cause Great Fetal Cell Death © Photo: Mr. Toaster

Pregnant women shouldn't smoke marijuana, and they certainly shouldn't drink alcohol - but worst of all, is to take these two drugs together.

UK Psychiatrist Claims Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Causes Autism © Phot: Leonid Mamchenkov

After 18 months investigating the health deficits of children born to alcohol abusing mothers, UK psychiatrist Dr. Raja Mukherjee has found an environmental link to autism.


The teenage years can be a challenging and confusing time. The bad news is that almost a quarter of American youngsters abuse drugs at this stage of their lives. Some get involved in a recreational manor, some experiment out of peer pressure. The good news is that it is much easier to curb addiction patterns in a young person.

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