Delay Marijuana Use to 21 and Avoid Brain Damage
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What are the real marijuana risks for teens? Regular moderate marijuana use won’t do an adult much harm, but it will harm a teenager. Brain development continues through adolescence. If you smoke ...

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Don’t wait for your son or daughter to come to their senses - teens almost never self-recognize addiction and they rarely ask for help. Learn why they can’t see the truth and why this matters when picking treatment.

Smoke marijuana? Got 2 minutes to spare for a self test? If so, answer yes or no to 12 questions to make sure you don’t have a marijuana problem.

Drug Treatment for Teens - The ASAM Adolescent Levels of Care, with Case Study Examples © -Eko-

So many options - outpatient, intensive outpatient, residential, high intensity residential…how are parents supposed to know what’s needed? Here’s a brief explanation of the different American Society of Addiction Medicine Adolescent Levels of Care with case study examples to illustrate.

Adolescent Treatment – A Guide to Finding Teen-Focused Care © Pink Sherbet Photography

What do the experts suggest? Learn about the ideal values that drive effective adolescent treatment (teens aren’t just mini-adults) and learn the essential questions you need to ask to get the right care for your son or daughter.

A Guide to Finding Adolescent Trauma-Sensitive Addiction Treatment © Martinak15

Learn more about how trauma and substance abuse co-exist, the importance of trauma-sensitive care (and where to find it) and what parents can do on their own at home to help.

How to Help a Teen Friend When She is Hurting Herself © Daniela Brown Photography

Imagine you promised to keep a teen friend's secret about cutting or or another form of self harm...should you really stay quiet? No, you shouldn't. Here's what you need to do and why.

Adolescent and Young Adult ADHD and Substance Abuse - How to Intervene © Guilherme-Pavan

Children with ADHD face a variety of challenges when they first leave home. What can parents do if they start to see signs of substance abuse in their newly independent young adult children?

Teens and Marijuana Causes Thinking Problems in Adults © Fora do Eixo

With the rise in adolescent marijuana use and the movement to legalize the drug there is a need to take a careful look at the consequences legalization might have on our youth. Recent evidence show the danger of long term irreversible cognitive damage. Steps need to be taken to prevent legal development from harming our young citizens.

Adolescent Addiction Treatment: 6 Factors to Consider When Deciding between Residential and Outpatient Care © Photoloni

Once you decide your adolescent needs addiction treatment, the next vital step is determining what level of care is required. Read on to learn more about the 6 factors professionals consider when deciding on an appropriate level of care.

Your Teen Drinks or Uses Drugs – 5 Tips for Getting Them to Stop © Krish Tipirneni

OK – you’ve caught your son or daughter drinking or using drugs – now what? Well, the first thing you need to do is make sure they don’t repeat their mistakes and keep using or drinking, and if they can’t or won’t stop, then you need to get them some help. So after catching them experimenting with substance use, what’s really important is that you monitor their activities so that you’ll know right away if they continue to use or drink. Here are 5 ways to do just that.

Teen Substance Abuse – How The Seven Challenges Program Encourages Authentic Change © Yourdon

You can't force authentic change and you can't control a person's true thoughts and maybe you shouldn't even try. Does your adolescent son or daughter need substance abuse treatment or treatment for co-occurring disorders? If so, you may want to look at treatment programs or counselors using the Seven Challenges Program, an evidence based treatment program which encourages honest communication to foster an authentic motivation for change. Read on to learn more about this clinically tested teen program which is now in use in hundreds of facilities nationwide.

Does Your Teen Have a Problem with Drugs or Alcohol? Ask them These 6 Questions to Find Out © Lobanova Marina Photography

Want to know if your teenage son or daughter has a problem with alcohol or drugs? Ask them 6 easy questions and if they answer yes to 2 or more, they may very well have a problem

If Your Teen Drinks – How to Judge the Severity of the Problem © Leon RW

So you catch your teen son or daughter drinking and you learn that it’s been going on for a while. What do you do now? Do they need treatment or just punishment? Is it normal? Is it a big deal?!! Get started on answering these questions by comparing your teen’s age and drinking habits to the NIAAA criteria for low, moderate and high risk teen drinking.

8 Secrets to Loving and Raising a Teen with Addiction © Josh Kenzer

A little tension is normal in the parent-teen relationship, but when your teen suffers from addiction and loses control over their actions, relations in the family can get pretty damaged in a hurry. Here are 8 parenting tips on raising a child with addiction to happy and healthy adulthood while maintaining some peace in the household.

Teen and Drugs – When Are They Most Likely to Start? © Bass_nroll

Statistically speaking, your teen son or daughter is more likely than not to use drugs or alcohol well before finishing high school. By knowing when your child is most exposed to drugs and alcohol and most likely to try experimenting you may be able to prevent or minimize the extent of that experimentation. Read on to find out more about the stages of adolescence that are associated with the greatest likelihood of drug and alcohol use.

Teen Sexting – How Common Is It? © Stephan Geyer

Despite a lot of media hype over teen sexting, research suggests that most teens don’t do it.

How to Choose a Wilderness Program - The Questions Parents Need to Ask © Charlie Brewer

A series of questions that will tell you what you need to know to make an educated decision, and choose the best wilderness program for your troubled teen.

Why Therapeutic Wilderness Programs for Troubled Teens Work © Dru!

You can't manipulate nature, but if you don't respect her, there are consequences. Wilderness programs can teach troubled teens to be accountable, responsible and self determined.

When your worst fears are confirmed, and when you do find your son or daughter experimenting with marijuana...what can you do and how can you get them to stop?

College can be a lot of fun, hopefully educational and also very dangerous. The college years are a very high risk period for the development of alcoholism or drug addiction, and although many college students would benefit greatly from early intervention and treatment; very few ever get help.

Should You Be Drug Testing Your Teen? © Smussyolay

Not knowing is the worst...and drug tests promise parents the peace of mind that comes with certainty; but drug tests do come with some risks attached, and before you initiate a family testing policy you first need to get educated and informed.

Is Your Teen Depressed? Learn the Signs © ***Steph***

Depression in teens more than doubles the risks of substance abuse and dependency. Learn how to spot it, and what to do if your teen is depressed.

Keeping Teens Safe from Incredibly Destructive and Addictive Crystal Meth © Kr4gin

Nothing beats the devastation of a crystal meth addiction, and parents need to keep kids safe from this very addictive menace. Here's what to look for; and if you see any warning signs of meth use, don't wait for tomorrow...take action TODAY.

The Risks of Teen Drug Use…More Than Just Addiction ©

With addiction and drug abuse teens are at risk for a host of peripheral social problems, including suicide, violence, mental health difficulties and poor academic performance. Get educated about the risks facing your teen, and learn what really helps if there is a problem.

For Parents: The Dangers Of Prescription Medications © ThomasThomas

A recent survey indicates that the majority of parents are not speaking with their kids about the dangers of prescription medications, and that they also don't perceive that prescription medications present as much of a risk to their kids as do illicit or street drugs.

"Party Schools" And The Risks Of Substance Abuse During The College Years © m31.

Earning a reputation as a notorious party school does little to enhance the prestige of an institution, but reactions to these persistent reputations vary drastically between colleges. Some schools have enacted fundamental policies designed to influence substance use, while others have offered little more than lip service reactions.

Depression In Teen Girls Often A Result Of Substance Abuse © Felipe Morin

It seems that the higher rates of depression in teenaged girls compared to teenaged boys are largely a function of substance use and abuse. How can parents recognize when the moodiness of adolescence may actually be abuse caused depression?

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  • Adolescent Brain Development: Because teenage brain development is ongoing, adolescents are less able to resist urges to experiment and the consequences of this experimentation can be greater
  • Prevention: Adolescents that wait until they are 21 to have their first drink have almost no risk of becoming alcoholics
  • Boot Camps: Although ‘get tough’ programs can sometimes seem necessary to rein in an out of control adolescent – boot camps do not seem very able to instill lasting behavioral change
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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) if you are feeling desperate, alone or hopeless. It's a free, 24-hour hotline available to anyone in suicidal crisis or emotional distress.
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MedlinePlus: Underage Drinking Comprehensive list of resources about teenage drinking, compiled by the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Plenty of research and resources on the prevention of underage drinking.
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