Choosing Treatment: A Checklist of 50 Options

You’re more likely to get what you want when you know what to ask for – when you know what you need! If you don’t already know exactly what you want out of treatment (most people don’t) ...

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Step by step instructions on finding rehab treatment when you don’t have insurance.

Should You Go to Rehab? Use a Decisional Balancing Exercise to Decide © e-mAGIC

Think you need rehab or some form of addiction treatment but struggling with ambivalence and indecision? Take 10 minutes to try this cognitive behavioral technique called decisional balancing and you might find it easier to evaluate the pros and cons and to choose the best course of action.

Do You Need to Go to Rehab? © Steven Gripp

Do you need rehab or outpatient treatment? Here’s an overview of your treatment options and an explanation of what variables to consider when deciding between residential and outpatient care.

Zubsolv vs. Suboxone: Similarities and Differences © Or Hiltch

Zubsolv is a new drug for opiate dependence. Like Suboxone, it’s composed of a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone. Read on to learn about how it works and how it differs from Suboxone.

Affordable Drug Rehab: Getting Low Cost Treatment © Frank M. Rafik

What do you do when you can't afford treatment and/or you need to continue working and paying the bills? Read on for tips and ideas on finding free and affordable treatment.

Methadone Dosing – Finding the Right Dose for You © MichaelTapp

An insufficient daily dose increases your odds of relapse, but how much methadone do you need each day? Read on to learn more about what doses work for most people and what factors influence your dosing requirements.

A Basic Guide to Detoxing before Rehab © Amir Kuckovic

Most rehabs won’t admit you until you’re safely detoxed. Here’s some basic information on your detox options: what happens in detox, whether or not you can do an ambulatory detox and how to find a detox provider near you.

Volunteering after Rehab – Strengthen Your Recovery by Helping Others © Tulane Public Relations

Volunteering after rehab – Help others find recovery as you increase your own chances for lasting sobriety!

The Value of 12 Step Facilitation in Drug Rehab © Zubrow

While some people disparage AA/NA as unscientific or even cult-like, there’s actually quite a lot of research that demonstrates its effectiveness. Read on to learn more about how and why AA and NA work.

How to Strengthen Your Family to Help a Loved-One in Rehab © Left-Hand

Are you willing to make changes to become the kind of family that really supports recovery? Find out more about how strong families prevent relapse and about how you can strengthen your family, starting from today.

Quit Drinking? Now Eat Your Veggies! Understanding Alcohol-Related Oxidative Stress and the Role of Antioxidants © Martin Cathrae

Learn what all that drinking did so you can know how to make up for it now. You can’t undo what’s done, but through good food and lifestyle choices today, you can restore good health, avoid exacerbating any damage, minimize your chances of disease and earn yourself a long and healthy life.

Before Drug Rehab: Learn Your Detox Options © Kate Dreyer

Answers to common questions, such as: Do you need detox? Where can you get detoxed? How much does it cost? Social or medical…clinic or hospital…how do you know what kind of detox you need? How do you know when withdrawal symptoms are dangerous?...

Relapse Prevention Programs - Learning to Avoid Relapse after Drug Rehab © Mike Baird

Learn why virtually all addiction treatment programs spend a great deal of time and energy teaching relapse prevention strategies. Why they do it, what they teach and what you need to learn.

Getting Insurance to Pay for Drug Rehab – How Health Insurance Companies Evaluate Rehab Claims © Auzigog

Will your health insurance pay for your rehab stay? Read on to find out how insurance companies make approval decisions and make sure you can prove that you need the care you’re entitled to.

Court-Ordered Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment: What You Need to Know © Noyava

Answers to your basic questions about getting into a treatment program rather then sent to a jail cell. How it works, why it works and where to find court approved treatment.

5 Questions to Ask When Picking a Drug Rehab © Kurichan+

Choosing the right drug rehab is no easy task, and since the right program can make the difference between success and failure, the stakes are high and making the right decision is pretty important. Here are 5 questions you need to ask and answer about any rehab under consideration.

Improve Yourself in 4 Ways and Beat Addiction for Good © Skippyjon

Addiction is a complex disease that affects the mind, body and soul. To beat addiction for good you’ve got to be ready to make some serious changes and improve yourself. Read on to find out how making improvements in your physical, psychological, interpersonal and spiritual functioning can help you to overcome addiction for good.

10 Ways to Evaluate the Quality of a Drug Rehab © Draml

When you decide to get help you need to get help fast...but you also want to make sure that you receive care in a quality facility, offering you a legitimate chance at sobriety. Here are ten quick ways to evaluate the quality of any drug or alcohol rehab under consideration.

When choosing a rehab center, a decision must be made between public and private drug treatment facilities. For most people, it comes down to an eligibility for public programs and a cost benefit evaluation of the relative merits of each. In general, for those with the means, a private drug treatment facility offers more.

Drug rehab for borderline personality patients is effective, and standard protocols of drug rehabilitation therapy can be used to influence behavioral change, but because of the increased complexity of treatment, a longer and more intensive period of residential rehab will almost invariably be required.

For any number of reasons, the prevalence of substance abuse within the gay, lesbian and transgender community greatly exceeds the percentage of heterosexuals with addictions.

The decision to finally intervene in your child's life and either convince or mandate drug rehabilitation is rarely a decision taken lightly, and whether your child bottoms out (legal problems, school expulsion) or intervention occurs before the worst has arrived, the emotional stress and trauma of addiction and the difficulty in knowing how best to help can easily overwhelm.

Drug Rehab for Concurrent Addiction to Alcohol & Pain Pills © Ktpupp

Conservative estimates report that more than 6 million Americans are battling with an addiction to pain pills, and many of these people are co abusing alcohol and other drugs in combination with prescribed opiates.

Drug rehab for patients with HIV and AIDS is both more complex than normal drug rehabilitation treatment, and for a number of reasons, more vital.

Salvation Army Rehab © Shreyans Bhansali

For Christian men and women, especially those with financial need, the Adult Rehabilitation Centers (ARC's) run by the Salvation Army can offer needed access to long term and comprehensive residential treatment.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab for Seniors © Chibart

We don't customarily consider that there is much of a need for drug and alcohol rehab for seniors, but the reality of senior drug and alcohol abuse requires us to shift our thinking, and get more seniors the help they need for what is becoming a growing societal problem.

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  • Medications: Drug rehabs that fail to make use of medications that can ease withdrawal pains and reduce the odds of relapse limit their clients chances of success
  • Psychotherapy: Although peripheral programs like yoga and medication have great importance, the core programming of any drug rehab should be based on different forms of psychotherapy
  • Drug Rehabs for Select Populations: It is important to seek out care in a drug rehab that is well matched to your needs. Drug rehabs tailored for special populations, like for seniors or for those with co-occurring mental health disorders, should be considered when appropriate.
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