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The primary advantage of a public drug treatment facility is the relatively low or even no cost involvement, and although publicly funded drug rehabs vary in relative quality, some do offer an excellent standard of care. Many of these programs have low income requirements for entry, and due to a limited number of available spaces, inclusion into a public program can require a waiting period. Additionally, due to demand for these available beds, treatment may be limited in duration to increase the availability of treatment to the greatest possible number of recovering addicts.

Private drug treatment does not necessarily imply an excellent standard of care, but most private facilities will offer a better standard of accommodation, more intensive and longer therapies, and a more comprehensive programming. For people with good insurance coverage or the means to afford private drug treatment, this type of drug treatment is generally preferable.

Choosing a Facility

Any drug treatment is preferable to continuing abuse, and there are many excellent and comprehensive public drug treatment centers, but in general, those people that can afford the costs, or have good coverage for treatment, prefer to recover at a private drug treatment facility.

The accommodations and facilities are more pleasant and comfortable, there is no delay to entry, the therapies offered are intensive, the programming varied, and the family can choose the most convenient facility for full familial participation in the process.

A large percentage of patients who enter drug rehab programs fail to complete the recommended duration of stay, and anything that improves the likelihood of a successful completion increases the odds of eventual sobriety.

Simply because a drug treatment is privately run does not necessarily equate to quality treatment, and there are some substandard facilities in both the private and public sectors. Recovering addicts and families need to evaluate carefully the programming and therapies as offered at any facilities under consideration, and make certain that they offer excellent programming likely to induce eventual and long lasting sobriety and better health.

Immediate Access

Achieving an addict's acceptance of the need for treatment and a willingness to participate requires an immediate response, and most professionals advise getting an addicted person into treatment as soon as possible after an agreement to go... before they change their mind. Because public facilities generally require a wait for admission, this can deter some people from seeking the treatment they need. A private drug treatment facility can generally admit patients on very short notice.

A Better Standard of Accommodation

In general, private drug treatment facilities offer better and more comfortable accommodation. Although the level of accommodation may not be of primary importance in the evaluation criteria for a treatment stay; a comfortable facility can reduce the stress of the process, and improve the odds of a successful completion of treatment. Although luxury may not be required, having pleasant and private accommodation reduces the stress associated with an already difficult transitional period.

More Intensive Therapeutic Access

Private facilities are generally able to offer recovering addicts a more intensive therapeutic programming. Public facilities are often stretched to capacity, and a limited number of professionals are required to treat a large number of patients. Private drug treatment will offer regular and intensive individual therapy with trained addictions professionals, as well as professionally led group sessions, educational seminars, nutritional counseling and other educational programming. The more intense the therapeutic participation, the greater the odds of a successful recovery; and as such a private facility offers a better likelihood of success and sobriety. Treatment intensity remains high with offered aftercare programming.

More Comprehensive Programming

No one program or even philosophy of treatment works for everyone, and what resonates with one may be meaningless to another. To increases the likelihood of success, a wide and comprehensive therapeutic programming is most beneficial. Private drug treatment facilities have the resources to offer intensive therapies, and as well offer peripheral programs such as exercise facilities, saunas, yoga and meditation classes and nutritional therapy amongst others. Giving recovering addicts more tools at their disposal in the fight against relapse helps to maintain sobriety.

Duration of Stay

Because public facilities need to make room for the next recovery participant, durations of stay may not be as long as needed. A private drug treatment facility will offer treatment equal to the needs of the recovering addict, and long residential stays are possible, and increase the odds of success.

Location and Family Involvement

When enrolling in public treatment, you may have little or no choice over the location of the treatment facility; and although familial involvement in therapies and recovery assist in the healing process, the treatment may not be conveniently located for optimal participation of loved ones. When families can chose the location of a private drug treatment facility, they are often more able to conveniently maintain full participation in recovery therapies.

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