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Higher authorities are needed to stop this boy from bullying you

answered 10:15 AM EST, Fri December 14, 2012
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I am in grade 8. Theres a guy from another school that I see every day on my way home from school. He takes my school bag and dumps my books out and calls me fag and gay. He is a lot bigger than me. My uncle has brass knuckles and I know where he hides it. If I smash him with the brass knuckles it should hurt alot. Will this get him to leave me alone? Or is it going to make him mad and wrose? I am scared of him but I cannot take it anymore. I do not care if I get in trouble.

Dr. Shirley Schaye Says...

You MUST discuss this with your parents, number one. Your parents MUST go to your school and discuss this with the Headmaster. This BULLYING has got to stop. NO, YOU SHOULD NOT USE YOUR UNCLES'  BRASS KNUCKLES. Listen to what you are saying about him --- this cannot be stopped by you alone. His behaviour is egregious and needs to be stopped by higher authorities. So, again, please listen to me. Tell your parents about what is happening. Also, tell your parents what I have told you to tell them to do. Getting the Headmaster and if need be the School Board involved will be stronger than "a one time use of brass knuckles.

I have another concern and that is that you are trying to resolve this by yourself and that you yourself did not reach out to your parents or to the school. So I am wondering why. Does it have something to do with him calling you fag and gay and you don't want to discuss this with your parents? Of course, we don't have a back and forth dialogue between us here so I don't know your answer. But if it is that and you don't want them to know what he is calling you just start with  that he takes your school bag and dumps your books. This has to be stopped. It won't with the brass knuckles. He is bigger than you. P L E A S E listen to what I am telling you. The school and your parents need to be involved to stop this guy from biullying you. You are only about 13 years old. It needs people bigger and stronger ( I mean that not only literally but symbolically ) too, to stop his bullying. He needs to be reprimanded by higher authorities, not by a 13 year old with brass knuckles. If you're afraid to start with telling your parents, P L E A S E immediately go to the school guidance counselor and show her or tell her what I told you to do.

I wish you well and please let me know how things go.


 Dr. Shirley Schaye

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