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Getting bullied

answered 10:54 AM EST, Thu August 23, 2012
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I get bullied a lot and called gay because I am smaller and not into sports and because the people in my school are assholes. Last year my English teacher totally picked on me too for no reason at all, like when we were doing class readings he would make me do the girl parts so everyone would laugh. He made it all into a big joke and when I complained to the principal they totally took his side and we had this meeting where he gave me this phony sincere apology and everyone believed him that he was just trying to be a fun teacher but then after that he would stare me down in class and in the hall and it was scary. He hates me and I don't know why. This year he is my home room and English teacher and I am really scared of what is going to happen. My parents think I am making it all up for 'drama'. I don't know if I can take another year of this. How do I get him to back off without making the situation worse than it already is? I am also considering moving to stay with my cousin and working while doing my GED if it doesn't get any better.

Jill Palmer Says...

I'm so sorry the kids and some teachers are mean. I don't know why they feel the need to intimate others. You have every right to be at that school and shouldn't be intimated or forced to move away. I do believe life gets easier once you are out of school. Most people will grow out of bullying once they are in college.

I would continue to work on your parents because they can help with your teacher. I would also recommend taking karate or tae-kwon-do after school not only because you will be able to protect yourself but you will also start walking with more confidence, in general. You'll also make new friends and feel stronger in your own body.

You might also want to go to counseling (not because there is something wrong with you) but because they can teach you assertiveness skils, can guide you on what to say, and can teach you to cope with these hard times.

Hang on and get through school. I know it's difficult but you deserve an education just like everyone else. Keep yourself safe and I wish you the best of luck on getting through this.

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