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Rapid Detox

answered 08:41 PM EST, Wed March 05, 2014
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I just had a quick question. Have you heard anything positive about anesthesia assisted rapid detoxification? What is the difference in withdrawal symptoms and success rate using this method? Which are the most effective and safest places to go for this type of treatment.

Anna Deeds Says...

Anna Deeds A. Deeds

Thank you for your question. I have to say I'm not a believer in the safety or effectiveness of rapid detox. Rapid detox is a process where an opiate addict is anesthetized or put to sleep while medications are given to speed up the process of removing opiates from the body and brain.  After this, you can be given medications to block opiate use. The addict is supposed to wake up drug free and through the withdrawal symptoms. The problem is that addiction is way more complicated than just getting through withdrawal. After an addict gets through the initial withdrawal symptoms of addiction, the real work of recovery is just beginning. To suggest that you can complete a rapid detox and just go on with life as if you were never addicted doesn't seem plausible. I would suggest that if you choose this form of detox, you follow it with rehab and a halfway or recovery house to learn about addiction and recovery and have time to practice new coping skills and relapse prevention strategies. Here is a link to an article on Choose Help about the problems with rapid detox. It is cost prohibitive for most people, costing anywhere from $8,000 to $10,000. There have been several deaths from the procedure. And its effectiveness has been questioned. 

To answer your questions, I have not personally or professionally known anyone to complete the process. Rapid detox is supposed to keep the addict from experiencing any withdrawal symptoms and from the testimonials and reports I have read, it does this. The success rate is questionable because some research has shown great results while other studies have found limited results. Much of the research that has found it to be successful has been done by the companies that profit from the procedure. I don't know enough about different places that perform this procedure to recommend one over another. If you do intend to do it, be sure that it is done in a accredited hospital with a full medical staff who is trained in the procedure. I'd also suggest that you be in good physical health and have a complete physical prior to the procedure. The Waismann Method is one of the better known programs for rapid detox but I cannot say how safe it would be for you. From their website, it seems that they take safety precautions and will run tests before performing the detox.

Whatever choice you make, check out the safety procedures before ever undergoing rapid detox and follow it with other treatment for the psychological and spiritual aspects of addiction. Good luck and I would like to hear back from you if you choose to try rapid detox.

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