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Addiction Research
Researchers Say Altruism Reduces Drug Cravings © Tamara van Molken

Trying to stay clean? Maybe you should get out and lend a hand to someone in need - Researchers at Case Western Reserve University say that teens who get involved with helping others during substance abuse treatment experience fewer cravings for drugs and alcohol than their less altruistic peers.

Hallucinogen Ayahuasca Used to Treat Addiction © Leoffreitas

A Canadian Doctor talks about the nearly 200 people he’s treated with an Amazonian hallucinogen called ayahuasca.

Cocaine Addiction
Nicotine Ups Cocaine Addiction Risk © Syre.O

Trying to quit cocaine? You might want to consider ditching cigarettes at the same time. New research suggests that nicotine amplifies cocaine’s effects and addictiveness…just remember not to use nicotine replacement products, such as nicotine gum or the patch, as these too increase cocaine’s effects.

Asian Alcoholic? Try Naltrexone © Mctrent

Researchers at UCLA say that about 50% of Asians have a genetic variation that makes naltrexone especially effective as a treatment for alcoholism.

Club Drug Addiction
Club Drug Rehab Opens in UK © EpSos.de

There wasn’t anywhere in the UK where people addicted to club drugs and legal high drugs could go to get the help they needed, until now. The Club Drug Rehab is an NHS funded project designed to meet the needs of people not addicted to more conventional drugs of abuse.

Online Counseling
Study Says Online Continuing Care Is Effective © Phil Strahl

After following a group of rehab graduates who used an online continuing care program for 18 months, researchers say that web-based aftercare works well.

Drug Treatment
In Rio, Street Kids Get 3 Months of Locked-In Drug Rehab © HUS0

Under Rio De Janeiro’s controversial new drug treatment program for street youth, if police and social workers find you on the street in high drug use areas and you can’t prove you’ve got a home to go to – you are heading to 3 months of locked in drug treatment; whether you want it or not.

Patient Admissions
Alcoholism Treatment Rates Down, Drug Treatment Up © Waldo Jaquith

Although the total number of people seeking addiction treatment changed very little between 1998 and 2008, the substances these people sought help for did change quite a bit, with alcohol admissions down considerably and drug addiction admissions, particularly opiate pain pills and marijuana addiction admissions, considerably up.

New Cocaine Vaccine Looks Promising © Ben Mills

Researchers at Weill Cornell Medical Center think they’re on to something big – a vaccine that could help cocaine addicts kick a notoriously difficult addiction.

Calgary Police Chief Calls for Safe Jails for Those with Addiction and Mental Ilness © Deadly Sirius

Knowing that prisons are often full of drugs and offer a nefarious higher education for young criminals, Calgary’s police chief is calling for the creation of a different kind of jail/detox to lock away those who commit crimes only to feed an addiction.

cientologists Warned to Stop Giving Health Pamphlets © babelglyph

A Scientology minister in Australia’s Northern Territories has been targeting drug and alcohol addicted aborigines, handing out information pamphlets that contain detoxing advice that health officials say could easily prove fatal to people with kidney disease.

Teens That Text Heavily More Likely to Drink © Josh Liba

Is your teen son or daughter always texting or on a social networking site? If yes then be careful, as research suggests that teens spending the most time daily engaged in texting and social networking are also the most likely to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and have sex with multiple partners.

Opiate Substitution programs Reduce Early Death © Ashley Rose

Opiate users involved in opiate substitution programs (methadone or buprenorphine) for longer than 12 months are 85% less likely to die in any given period than opiate users not involved in such treatment programs.

Online Addiction Treatment
Navy to Develop Online Addiction Treatment Program © Wanderinghome

US Navy Invests $3.25 million to provide sailors on deployment with access to an online addiction recovery program

Helpful News
Getting High on Suboxone?
Getting High on Suboxone? The FDA Says It's Happening - Ex NIDA Director Blames Doctors © Supertheman
Users taking Suboxone to stave off the withdrawal pains of an opiate addiction aren't supposed to be able to abuse the medication. That was the idea anyway when the FDA approved the drug in 2002 for take-home use. Today's thriving street market for the drug has the FDA change its tune. Read Article
Addiction Treatment February 24, 2008 (130)
Study: Quit Smoking while You Quit Drugs?
Study Supports Combining Smoking Cessation and Addiction Treatment Programs © Ben Raynal
Smoking cessation efforts in addiction treatment programs help people quit without compromising overall treatment outcomes. Read Article
Addiction Treatment February 13, 2014 (3)
Study: Young Adults Benefit in AA with Older Adults
Young Adults Find Effective Recovery Support in 12 Steps Meetings with Older Adults © Mr. Theklan
Because so many young adults use drugs or alcohol young people sometimes have trouble forging sober social support networks after treatment. AA and NA can provide this sober support, but many groups are comprised of middle aged adults. A new research study suggests that this age gap does not matter and that 12 steps meetings do offer younger adults effective social support. Read Article
Addiction Treatment November 14, 2012 (1)
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