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Affordable Alcohol Rehab. Where to find it?

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answered 08:38 AM EST, Mon August 08, 2011
I have about 5 thousand dollars. I would like to send my wife to a rehab for her problem with drinking and pills. She has agreed that she needs help and will says she will go. Most of the rehabs that I have called in the telephone cost considerably more than what I have. We are not Christians. I feel like I am wasting a lot of time and energy. Is it possible to find a drug rehab program in my price range? We live in Oklahoma but she can travel if necessary. Thank you for your assistance.

Jennifer Hamilton Says...

Jennifer Hamilton J. Hamilton

In Kentucky we have community mental health centers that provide treatment for people who cannot afford other treatment.  I am not sure about what is offered in your state.  The place I refer to, she could get help for $5000.  I will email you the contact number and name. 

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