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Stopping Suboxone

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answered 04:31 PM EST, Wed August 29, 2012
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I have been on Suboxone for over a year and I am really scared to stop using after reading so many horror stories about how hard it is on the internet. What I want to know is how likely is it that I will go through PAWS after having been on opiates for so long. I have been using Subs for more than a year and pretty much every other kind of opiate for about 8 years before that.

Yerachmiel Donowitz Says...

Your prior history with opiates should not be much of a factor after being on Suboxone for over a year. The main factors to consider now are: is my life going relatively smoothly now with no known significant stressors. If you meet that criteria, the final step is to work with your doctor to slowly taper off your use of Suboxone. To make a unilateral decision to stop and not share that decision with the doctor is almost like inviting relapse to your door.

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