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Video Game Addiction Linked To Asperger's Syndrome

posted 07:35 AM EST, Thu April 03, 2008
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Video Game Addiction Linked To Asperger's Syndrome © Photo: Adactio

British researchers find that self described video game addicts score higher on tests for Asperger's.

Research presented at the British Psychological Society Conference yesterday in Dublin suggests that about 3% of video gamers may be addicted - and those that show addictions tend to score far higher on tests for introversion, emotional instability and low self esteem. Three traits the researchers describe as being closely associated with Asperger's Syndrome.

The researchers, from the University of Bolton, studied 391 players of the online game, "Asheron's Call" – 86% of these gamers were male. The study participants completed questionnaires describing their gaming habits and personality traits.

The researchers found that 3% of the questioned gamers described themselves as addicted and admitted that their gaming had caused them harm in life. The more addicted the players were, the higher they scored on tests for Apserger's. The farther players scored from Asperger's - the less they played.

Asperger's is a mild form of autism, with symptoms that include a lessened ability to interact socially and communicate effectively.

Study leader, Dr. John Charlton, advised people who found that they were playing video games excessively, to get some professional help.

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