Relationships: A Quick Cure for Escalating Fights
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In a stormy relationship? Do meaningless disagreements tend to grow into angry fights? If so, you’re dealing with something called escalating negative affect reciprocity… and it’s a ...

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Does Swearing Make You Feel Better, and Can You Get Addicted to Swearing? © Calaveracafè

Recent research shows that swearing and cursing actually relieve pain. Should we use it and does that make it a good thing? Maybe it is like a narcotic. Here's a way to understand this and to begin to think of other ways to relieve pain.

A 9-Step Guide to Assertive Anger Management - Healthier Conflict Resolution © O5com

Need to work on anger management and healthier conflict resolution? Try assertive conflict resolution, a better alternative to flying off the handle or repressing your rage. Here's an 9 step guide to dealing with anger in an assertive and productive way.

The CUDSAIR Method – A Framework to Defuse Anger and Resolve Relationship Disputes © henry grey

If anger and fighting taints an important relationship are you willing to try something new that might help to reduce the tension and arguing? If you are, consider the CUDSAIR method. It’s a structured system for conflict resolution that minimizes personal attacks as it keeps the focus on finding a solution that’s acceptable to everyone.

Forget Revenge – Learn How to Forgive to Beat Anger and Feel Better © Brandon Christopher Warren

Though it seems like revenge will make us feel better, researchers say it does the exact opposite. Luckily, where revenge fails forgiveness soars, and when you forgive someone else it’s you who benefits most. Learn to beat lingering anger with a 5 step method to true forgiveness.

Why Does Drinking Release the Rage? Understand Alcohol-Related Anger and Aggression © Express Monorail

Why does alcohol lead to aggression and rage for some, but not for others? Learn more about how alcohol facilitates aggression and learn what kinds of people are most prone to alcohol related anger.

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  • The Importance of Assertiveness: Anger is normal and healthy. The purpose of anger management training is not to learn to suppress anger but rather to learn to express yourself in assertive and respectful ways.
  • Trait Anger: People with a trait anger personality type are more easily angered and react to anger with more hostility and aggression. People with trait anger will likely benefit from professional anger management training
  • Cognitive Restructuring: If you can change the way you think about an anger provoking situation you can often change the way that situation makes you feel.
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