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Ginko Biloba Alone is a No-Go for Blow

answered 12:00 PM EST, Tue August 06, 2013
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I am in cocaine recovery. My thinking is really muddy and slow. I understand that this is normal but it is frustrating. I expected to feel much better once I was sober, not worse. Actually I do feel better in most ways but my thinking ability seems to be worse now sober than it was when flying through writing in the mid afternoon. Will gingko biloba help? It has been recommended to me as a cocaine treatment and thinking aid.

Dr. Mark Abrahams Says...

Dr.  Mark Abrahams . Abrahams

However, there is a book that's been around since the mid 1980s. I read it then, and I can tell you that the director of the substance abuse clinic I was working at back then did not like the idea of me suggesting an herbal routine to my clients. I was not a naturopath, an herbalist, or in any certifiable way authorized to make such suggestions. If you are interested, you might find the book 'Getting Off Cocaine' by Michael Weiner, Ph.D. Amazon.com has the book used beginning at $4.00 (+S&H).

Please bear in mind that I am not recommending this book personally, because the average person who is unfamiliar with vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements will find this author's daily regime daunting. Moreover, there are now on the market so-called 'smart drugs,' the Nootropics. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nootropic . I cannot attest to their usefulness in kicking coke, but I have found some of them to increase my concentration so that I've been able to sit down and read, or write, for 6-7 hours with delight, and no fatigue. These are not pharmaceuticals requiring a prescription (and I do not want to be accused of practicing medicine without a license!), and they are not 'drugs' like amphetamines. Most are available on-line. They should be taken along with Choline which is a nutrient classed with B-vitamins. For example, I take 1200 mg of Piracetam with 600 mg Choline, three times a week. On Saturdays, I alternate taking 300 mg of Pramiracetam (and 600 mg Choline) with 300 mg Sulbutiamine (and 600 mg Choline). I am not recommending these to you, I am simply sharing my own regime of these substances.

If you are interested in supplements, I do recommend checking with your physician for any possible contraindications. S[H]e may be an allopath who is unfamiliar with, opposed to, or even sympathetic with such supplements, depending upon his/her own philosophy, so you may want to research these things first, then ask for specific dangers based on your specific medical history. Do not go by what you read on the internet alone. Please give yourself time for your brain structures responsible for Dopamine production, and associated functions to heal from your cocaine use. I once saw a brown glass Merck Pharmaceutical® bottle of Cocaine Hydrochloride. It had a skull and crossbones on it! Remember that cocaine is poisonous, that it causes necrosis (death) of tissues that are over-exposed to it. It also causes heart attacks and aneurisms in the brain leading to stroke and sudden death. I have seen these things up close and personal. Best regards on your path to getting free!


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