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In the game of life it may seem as if we are dealt a bad hand and have to play it the best way we can. Often, we lose while the winner takes all. We may blame the dealer for dealing us such a bad hand. But, is it really the dealer’s fault or our own fault? Did we make some bad plays, not paying attention, or not knowing what we were doing? Do we accuse other players of cheating instead of accepting the fact that we just lost? Something about the way the game was played just doesn't seem right. It just isn’t fair. Well life isn’t fair. We want to win the game but we continue to lose no matter how hard we try. How do we handle it?

Listen to God

What do you do when you get looked over on the job and the promotion goes to someone else? What do you do when you have to choose between buying food or medication? No matter how hard you study you still don't get an A on the test. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Maybe we have to talk to God and ask, “What is going on?” or “I just don’t understand because this is not what I had in mind for my life.” Talk to God and listen to what He has to say.

The book of Habakkuk is like a question and answer session between the prophet and God.1 Specifically, Habakkuk complained that Judah was full of injustice and crime. God’s response was that he was going to have the Babylonians punish the people of Judah. Then Habakkuk complained that this would be unfair, because the Babylonians were even worse than the people of Judah. God then told Habakkuk that the Babylonians would be punished later.

While Habakkuk continued to asked questions, God never turned him away. God also told Habakkuk to write the vision and keep the faith because the just live by faith. So, while going through trials, tribulation, and temptations keep your focus on God. In spite of what is happening in the world, keep the faith. Even when folks aren’t doing the right things, keep the faith and leave vengeance to the Lord. Seek direction, guidance, and comfort from the Lord. Pray and listen to what God has to say. Get a notebook and write what God is telling you. If God tells you to go to school or launch a business, write it down. It will help you stay focused and keep you encouraged.

Don't Block Your Blessings

Don’t block your blessings or get in your own way by allowing fear, anger, procrastination, stubbornness, or any other negative thought or behavior to get in the way. Don’t get weary when the vision doesn’t come fast enough. It may take a long time, but keep on waiting and it will happen. Step out on faith and do something great. Write that book, go to school, start your business, or start writing blogs. You can do it. Strive for greatness, do something different, and stand out. Get out of your own way!

Be encouraged!

Arlinda D. Lindsay

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