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Although addiction seems to test us with more than we can bear, that burden is not ours to carry alone, and through prayer, we let God in and let Him shoulder the weight. Prayer opens your heart to God’s love and strengthens your connection to Christ. Through prayer you let go of unnecessary and unproductive worry and gain the wisdom and strength you’ll need to take positive steps forward to a better life in the service of God.

Those that can harness the power of prayer for recovery never walk alone.

Although breaking free from drugs or alcohol, or from gambling or other addictions can feel impossibly difficult, with God’s help, nothing is impossible, and when you can at last let go and take His help and guidance you will find that He provides you with the answers to each day’s challenges – as you need them.

  • Pray and through your strengthened connection with God find the courage to take that first step
  • Pray each day and ask for the strength you’ll need to face the challenges of recovery
  • Pray for the wisdom to known God’s love and to feel His guidance, so as to make smart decisions that keep you on a path of recovery and better living
  • Pray and feel God’s love, and know that with hard work, good works and Christian living you can be better for yourself, for those that you love and for God. Your life has meaning and purpose, and with His guidance, you can fulfill that purpose

Through prayer we strengthen our connection with God. We feel his love. Through prayer we commit each day to a life lived according to Christian principles, in the service of God and others. Through prayer we gain the strength we need to look hard at ourselves – strengths and weaknesses – and to right what wrongs we’ve done.

God does not test us with more than we can bear. If we can trust in Him, we need not worry anymore. Break free from worry and turn to prayer instead! Pray and live your life according to God’s will and guidance…let go and let God and live your recovery one day at a time!

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Page last updated Feb 22, 2011

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