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It's devastating watching a loved one struggle with addiction. We try everything we can think of, and nothing seems to work. We blame ourselves for our failings and wonder what we could have done differently, done better.

The heartbreak is so great we often lose perspective in life. We blame ourselves for the uncontrollable actions of another. We do it out of love, but our misguided love rarely serves to better the situation, and often our frantic attempts at control only seem to make things worse.

We have, out of love, forgotten God's love.

We try to accomplish what only He can do, and we live away from His grace.

There is nothing easy about addiction, and the pains of addiction always ripple through the family. Understand what you can do and do all that you can, but pray also for guidance on what you cannot do, and accept that only Christ can truly lead a loved one to salvation.

You don’t have to sit around impotent…you can pray! Pray for guidance and strength and let God's grace and love flow through. Do what you can! Run an intervention, get educated, don’t enable…and then leave the rest up to God. Trust in Him. He has not forsaken or forgotten.

Let go and let god.


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