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Conventional rehab heals the body and mind. Christian rehab doesn't neglect the healing of body and mind, but in Christian rehab you heal your soul as well.

Healed by Christ

Addiction has been separated from the Church and the Christian community for too long. Faith recovery believes that addicts are not in control of their actions, and only through the guidance of the Lord can they achieve salvation. The fellowship of the church and of other Christians with addictions provides the needed peer support, and through the use of prayer and scripture based reading, this fellowship of Christian peers gives strength and guidance for an addict looking to accept the will of God. Submitting to the will of Jesus Christ allows us to live without drugs and alcohol, and live a more Christian life for God and family.

Christian Recovery should be used in conjunction with other treatments, and AA meetings and inpatient facilities can offer the Christian addict additional tools on the road to recovery. Ultimately though, the only way free from addiction is through God's love, and by submitting to the will and the guidance of Jesus Christ.

Christian recovery allows an addict to take solace from the scripture, from prayers, from the Christian community, the fellowship of other addicts, and through a better relationship with Jesus Christ.

Christian recovery allows an addict to open their heart to God's love and His will, and to receive the strength that makes recovery possible. Addiction is a disease, and only with the help of Jesus Christ is a recovery from addiction possible.

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