Meryl DeLena

Meryl DeLena

Miami, FL, USA
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7 years ago
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“2. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Military Marital Consultant. I have over ten years case management and clinical and experience providing therapy to children and adults. I specialize in programs related to anxiety, PTSD, deployment issues and reintegration stressors for military spouses and families. My previous experience is with Sexual Abuse Trauma when I was the Clinical Director of the Kristi House in Miami, FL. A graduate of Florida State and Florida International Universities, I am a member of national and state mental health professional associations.”
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Meryl DeLena's Most Recent Activity on Choose Help

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    07:45 - Sep 10, 2012 Positive Self Talk

    Is there an online course or something where I can learn positive self talk techniques? I have a hard time with anxiety problems and I had a couple sessions with a therapist back in Oregon and she talked a lot about how I could counter the thoughts ...

  • 2
    03:57 - Mar 26, 2012 A concerned spouse: Wife has depression

    My wife has depression. When I got to the bookstore I see there is a lot of books on self help for depression. I would like my wife to try something and I think she would also like to try something. But I think that if I get her to try something and ...

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