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Suboxone Drug Testing

answered 08:59 AM EST, Tue April 01, 2014
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I am thinking about getting clean with Suboxone. Only problem is that I hear that I have to give urine samples and that a nurse will stare at my junk while I go. I am a pretty shy person and I can’t even go in a regular bathroom if there is another person in with me. This has always been a problem for me. There is no way I can give a urine sample with some person starting at me it would be too humiliating. Is there any way I can get around this because if I can’t I am just going to buy my Subs from my dealer and I know if I do that I’m going to be topping up heavy all the time.

Anna Deeds Says...

Anna Deeds A. Deeds

Thank you for your question. Suboxone treatment is less regulated than methadone treatment. Because of this, every program is different so you would have to check with the doctor or clinic that you intend to go to find out how they handle drug testing. They generally test clients through urine or mouth swabs to determine if the client is using other drugs. They have to do drug testing because other drugs can interfere with Suboxone treatment and can even cause overdose. Taking drugs like benzodiazepines with Suboxone is dangerous so the doctor or clinic may want to verify that you aren't taking something that can harm you. Plus, addiction is considered a disease. As a disease, the addict is not considered to be addicted to just one drug but to all substances. Treatment facilities need to know if you are taking other drugs so they can treat you properly. 

If you cannot urinate in front of someone, ask the facility if they can test you through mouth swabs or blood work. Some facilities are using mouth swabs so urinating in front of someone wouldn't be an issue. Drug testing through blood work might be more expensive but there is a possibility that the facility may let you do this if you pay for the testing.

I don't suggest that you buy Suboxone on the street. The whole point of taking Suboxone is to get better. If you buy it and take it like any other drug, you are defeating the purpose. Not only will you probably abuse it, you won't be getting any counseling to help with the psychological part of addiction. You will find yourself in the same position as you are in by taking opiates. Nothing in your life will change. You will still be doing something illegal, keeping the same friends, the same habits, etc. If you don't make changes, nothing will change for you. I'm assuming you aren't happy with the way your life is going or you wouldn't be considering treatment. The treatment programs are designed the way they are for a reason. You have to commit to their program in order to change.

I hope you choose to get treatment and go about it the right way. Good luck with your recovery!

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